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A stolen ferry?

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Was messing around on sea of thieves. Sailing past lone cove when I found a sloop, thought I'd do some snooping. Both crew members were missing and saw they were doing a low tier order of souls.

Eventually found them – one was carrying a disgraced bounty skull to the ship. I call to them, "Ahoy!" and they don't react. They see my ship and try to haul away. When they see me they open fire and miss every shot, even using long-range blunderbuss shots that had no hope of landing. I try to explain that I mean them no harm, but they run aground on their escape. I watch them sink not far off the horizon and sail off in their direction. I find one of them trying to swim to the outpost and raise sails as I approach, trying to offer help. I don't have powder on board so they have no way of sinking me.

They board, drop the skull and shoot me with a blunderbuss. I heal and get shot but since I'm not taking it seriously and running off they get the kill. So I wait on the Ferry of the damned, see another guy who died fighting mermaids when he got ambushed by powder skeletons, and respawn.


Then the guy attacks me. I don't WANT to kill him so I just hit him once with the pistol, let him go and explain I came to offer him a boat ride to the outpost. He comes out, draws a blunderbuss again and hits me point blank. miraculously I don't die but it throws me off the ship and I have to catch a mermaid.

After repeated failed attempts at diplomacy, the guy crashes my ship into Daggertooth and runs off with the skull. I just repair my ship and sail off. A few minutes later I get a message "Thanks for the free ride id*ot, learn to fight."

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I'm neither upset nor amused – just… extraordinarily confused by all this. No response to text chat or voice chat. He acted as if he was great for stealing my ship when I was offering to bring him and his skull to the outpost. I could have put him in his place in-game or via comments, but with a low tier voyage and low gamerscore, didn't bother.

That said, next time I saw them, wound up giving them gunpowder on a lit fuse. Left all the loot they had from their next voyage on the beach as their ship sank, sent them twice to the ferry of the damned and sailed off, not heard from them yet.

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