Sea of Thieves

A Suggestion to Player Progression: Allow Us to Show Off Our Accomplishments

Sea of Thieves 4 - A Suggestion to Player Progression: Allow Us to Show Off Our Accomplishments

Sea of Thieves progression being limited to cosmetics is absolutely perfection and should never change. However, it does feel a little underwhelming at the end of some progression goal when there's not much to show for it. While it is great having a wide variety of cosmetics to simply buy with no strings attached, rocking the Ceremonial Admiral set after reaching level 50 Merchants is feels great, and every Pirate Legend can recall the joy of dawning the purple and gold garbs for the first time. Cosmetics like these are the best not necessarily because they look cool (even though they do), but because they represent your accomplishments. For the vast majority of goals the game gives you though, the reward is nothing more than a title that often goes unnoticed and you personally never get to see while playing.

With Sea of Thieves in such a great state after the Shrouded Spoils update, a shift of focus to more cosmetic rewards would be great. Now, we have seen in the past few updates (Cursed Sails, Forsaken Shores, Shrouded Spoils) that Rare is able to lock cosmetics behind commendation completion. So the basic of this post will be to suggest a cosmetic piece that can be unlocked by completing a commendation and used to show off your accomplishment.

NOTE: All unlocks require Tier 5 and must still be purchased with gold.

Gold Hoarders

Commendation Requirement Unlock
Golden Voyager Complete Gold Hoarder Voyages Gold Hoarder Helm, cannons
Keeper of a Glittering Hoard Earn Gold from Gold Hoarder Gold Hoarder Capstan
Sailor of the Golden Horizon Sail nautical miles on Gold Hoarder Voyages Sail with the Gold Hoarder logo, hull
Seeker of Lost Maps Purchase Gold Hoarder Voyages Gold Hoarder Flag
Hoarder of the Castaway's Gold Sell Castaway's Chests Gold Hoarder Trousers
Hoarder of the Seafarer's Gold Sell Seafarer's Chests Gold Hoarder gloves, boots, and belt
Hoarder of the Marauder's Gold Sell Marauder's Chests Gold Hoarder jacket and dress
Hoarder of the Captain's Gold Sell Captain's Chests Gold Hoarder hat, eye patch, hook, and peg leg.
Hoarder of the Grog Soaked Gold Sell Chest of a Thousand Grogs Tankard with the same face from the chest on it, sails with the face on it.
Hoarder of Treasured Tears Sell Chest of Sorrows Bucket with the same face from the chest on it, sails with the face on it.
Hoarder of Barnacled Gold Sell shipwrecked chests Some remaining Wailing Barnacle items
Hoarder of Lost Artifacts Sell treasure trinkets Gold Hoarder figurehead
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Order of Souls

Commendation Requirement Unlock
Voyager of Lost Souls Complete Order of Souls voyages OoS helm, cannons
Mercenary of the Ancient Order Earn gold from OoS OoS Capstan
Sailor of the Whispering Bones Sail nautical miles on OoS voyages Sail with the OoS logo on it, hull
Seeker of Lost Souls Purchase OoS voyages OoS Flag
Hunter of Foul Skulls Deliver foul skulls OoS Trousers
Hunter of Disgraced Skulls Deliver Disgraced skulls OoS boots, gloves, belt
Hunter of Hateful Skulls Deliver Hateful skulls OoS jacket, dress
Hunter of Villainous Skulls Deliver villainous skulls OoS hat, eye patch, peg leg, hook
Hunter of Cursed Crews Defeat skeleton crews OoS figurehead
Hunter of Cursed Captains Defeat skeleton captains OoS weapons
Raider of Cursed Strongholds Clear skeleton forts Full skeleton fort clothing set
Hunter of Fort Skulls Deliver fort skulls Skeleton fort weapon set

Merchant Alliance

Commendation Requirement Unlock
Merchant Voyager Complete Merchant Voyagers Merchant helm, cannons
Gilded Merchant Earn gold from Merchant alliance Merhcant Capstan
Sailor of the Merchant Alliance Sail nautical miles on merchant alliance voayges Sail with the merchant alliance logo, hull
Merchant Adventurer Purchase merchant voyages Merchant Alliance flag
Merchant Forager Deliver banana crates on schedule Special merchant helm
Merchant Shipwright Deliver crate of planks on schedule Special merchant hull
Cast Iron Merchant Deliver crate of cannonballs on schedule Special merchant cannons
Black Powder Merchant Deliver gunpowder barrels on schedule
Merchant of the Dawn Caller Deliver chickens on schedule Merchant alliance trousers
Merchant of the Wild Hog Deliver pigs on schedule Merchant alliance boots, gloves, belt
Merchant of Serpents Scale Deliver snakes on schedule Merchant alliance jacket, dress, Snake Sails
Merchant of the Grand Fauna Deliver gold animals on schedule Merchant alliance hat, eye patch, hook, peg leg

Note that these are just a suggestions for what each commendation can unlock. By all means, recommend better unlocks if you can. I tried to keep some parity between the factions. I also skipped over Athena's, which already does have some unlocks behind commendations, but not all commendations.

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Alternatively, they could make it as simple as a sail or flag with the logo from the commendation pasted on it.

Having more real ways to show off our progress will result in meaningful cosmetics that will in turn make the progression feel more meaningful.

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