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A tale from the seas…

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So I've been seeing various post of peoples stories and adventures from in game, thought I'd share an experience from a 4 hour session today.

Logged on, got into the game, stocked me ship up and grabbed a few gold horder voyages. Set out thinking I'll just grind out some stuff and try and get enough gold to finally grab them sails I've been after. Hit up the first few islands on my list and was contently plodding along through the quests. On the way to Discovery Ridge I noticed there was a sloop, sails up, bobbing around next to a beach at Plunder Valley. I thought 'If that ship happens to be unattended I could possibly blast a few CC's into it and get those commendations'.

Decided to pull up next to said sloop slowly and see if I can spot a player. When I was just about to load a cannonball into the cannon I saw a player running out of the treeline towards his boat. It was at this point I thought, I don't want to get into a fight this early in my session. I made friends with him, joined an alliance and decided to gift him my first chest of the day. A captains chest.


Obviously over the moon with his present we went on our merry way and continued business as usual. I felt pretty good that I had changed my mind and not sunk him and his ship. Anyway 3 hours later I was ready to get off and call it a day. I headed to the nearest outpost to turn in a few skulls and chests. Sold everything except a banana crate I'd picked up along the way. I hadn't got enough supplies to fill it left on my ship but thought the outpost would be able to give me the last 20 or so Bananas.

While searching Plunder Outpost suddenly noticed a sloop ploughing his way toward my docked boat. I just watched as it beaches and a pirate jumps off with a captains chest, runs straight towards me and drops it at my feet. It was the guy from 3 hours previous. Laughing, I handed in the chest and asked if he could fill the banana crate. He did without hesitation and I let him sell that. We made friends, drank some grog and I gave him whatever cannonballs I had left then logged off for the day.

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My faith in this game continues to grow the more I play it. Thank you to Rare and all the other people out there who play. Keep up the good work.

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