Sea of Thieves

A Tale of A Simple Galleon In Search of Riches.

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It begins with a trip on a galleon sailing towards a skull Island seeking the riches of treasure. The Crew and I set out to flank the skeletons manning the cannons, seeking to attain control of the sea front. Upon our success we disembark to begin the assault on the skull island, the allure of treasure fresh on our minds. After around 15 minutes of wave after wave of skeletal horrors, we notice our crew-mate had committed treasonous acts of self destruction upon our ship; letting loose the anchor no more and thrusting out the galleon into a barrage of skeleton cannons.

Moving quickly back we re-anchored, however, we were now in the line of fire of many a skeletal cannoneers. The crew moved quickly to repair the damage that was continually being inflicted on our ship while also returning fire on the skeletons. It was around this time that we noticed a simple sloop sailing up on us from the south. The sloop proceeded to begin assailing us with cannonballs of their own as we slowly lost control and sank to the bottom of the sea..

This would not be our end.

Renewed vigor and a desire for revenge provoked us to return to the isle of skulls, betrayal, and death. We sailed at full speed towards the island for a chance to return the favor to our sloppy opposition. Through the oscillating Crests and Troughs of the sea we spotted our enemy anchored on the southern end… Just where we left off!

We sailed up on their side, cannons loaded, and rained iron upon their hull. Quickly, they began throwing the water overboard and made their way to escape North. It was only then that we were intercepted by another galleon, fresh from the East, honing in on our own Galleon. Forced to switch our focus we were hailed with orbs of iron from our eastern side. Water was pouring in and our sails were now half mast for a sharp turn. Only Horror awaited us all now.


Davey Jones himself must have wanted their souls, as a kraken began its assault of their Galleon. The sloop long gone, our minds were set.. Someone had to sink this Day!!!

We circled the oily waters of the Kraken and bombarded the enemy Galleon with cannon-fire from a distance as we watched the Krakens tentacles wrap their hull. We were running out of cannons and they were able to maintain their buoyancy; Our options low, we moved in on the inky territory.

The goal? A full speed ramming.

The crew and I fully masted the sails, wind at out backs, rammed into the enemy Galleon. In awe a single member of their crew shouts "They're boarding us, they're Boarding us!" as I leap from the Bow with Blunderbuss drawn and fire upon the whistle blower. One other Crew mate joins me as the Cap'n of our Galleon shifts our ship for an escape. I run down their hull in search of booty and discover a singular Wayfarers Chest. I grab hold and make a run for the waters, passing enemy pirates and weaving past swords. After leaping off their deck into the Krakens sea I notice our ship, too, had been grasped by the Kraken. With both of our ships under its control, it became a battle for survival.

The crews were now each battling the Kraken while screams of lost treasure filed the proximity chat; It was quite the sight to behold. The sound of cannon-fire and Gunshots mixed with Kraken growls creating a symphony of death that only escape or demise could alleviate.

After a short while we slash and shoot the krakens tentacles off of our ship and slowly sail our way out of the krakens arena. As we make our way into the distance, we look back to hear the screams of anger from a crew both lost to death, and at a loss for gold.

8/10 would Get into a shootout with another galleon while under the krakens influence again.


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