Sea of Thieves

A Tale of Revenge on the Seas

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I began solo slipping my session thinking I’d stay in the relaxing area while everyone else dealt with volcanic eruptions and for a while it was. I went to an outpost to trade in some items and saw a freshly spawned sloop.

Being the benevolent pirate I am I offered an alliance so he could share in splendors of my haul and do a nearby skull fort together. He agreed.

We set sail to the fort taking our rowboats in from a distance and did battle with wave after of the undead until I notice an ominous sight: a galleon circling. We continued our fight as the skeleton captain emerged. I watched the galleon open fire on our ships just as we defeated him. We had to think fast as our ships slipped below the waves. I hopped in my row boat and went directly at their ship, yelling for them to wait. They allowed me to board to plead my case. I said that I would have joined their alliance and shared the wealth. I told them the key was well hidden and that I would return, join up with them and open the vault.

In the meantime my comrades slipped into darkness in their own rowboat with the key. Ferrying it to safety on another island. As I sailed back I saw an amazing site. While I was away one of my two alliance mates had slipped back and bombed their ship, sinking it and killing all on board. He then hopped a mermaid to get his ship and come back.

A funny thing happened and although the foul loot snatching legends had been defeated, an audio glitch persisted allowing me to hear one of the crew talking while on their ship across the map. They were headed to sanctuary. My compatriots returned and we opened the vault, cashing in at Ancient Spire. I bid them adieu as my thirst for revenge overcame me. But could I, a simple solo sloop, take on these pirate legends?


I had an idea. I headed in the direction I heard them speaking about and sure enough saw them on the horizon. I approached as friendly as can be and they asked if I’d like to do the skeleton ships with them as they had never done one despite their legendary status. I jumped at the opportunity to guide them through the battle.

They joined my alliance as did a random sloop passing by. I felt for the sloop as what was about to happen would claim him as well. We parked our ships near the battle ground and boarded the galleon. I gave out assignments. One on the wheel, 4 on cannons, and I’ll handle repairs and boarding. Leave the explosive barrels to me. I even asked them to move them to mid deck to make it easier for me to repair and then board.

As the battle started, I headed below deck, creating a chain of barrels from the bottom deck snaking up to the top of the stairs between the cannons. I went to the front of the ship and the man on the wheel alerted me to an incoming ram. As the ship approached I lined up my shot.

From there it was chaos as their confusion carried onto the ferry.

They bickered about what happened until I spoke up.

“Do you guys remember not so long ago, you sunk our ships and tried to steal our loot?”

Silence. The realization hitting them.

“Wait you sunk us?”

“I did”

“Why would you kill your self too?”

“That’s easy, to get back to my ship. You know, where we transferred all the loot we had so it wouldn’t be lost if we sunk.”

I let it sink in as I passed back into the Sea of Thieves, emerging on my sloop full of their loot. I climbed the mast and exited the alliance, as I sailed to the nearest outpost to enjoy the riches I earned this day.

Never trust a pirate you literally just unsuccessfully pirated. You’ll get pirated so much harder.

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