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A tale of thievery!

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Me and a friend were doing some sloopin and decided to try our first skull fort. As we arrive we see a gally already doing it. Having nothing to lose we role up fully expecting to be destroyed. As we start firing we hear the guy on the gally say stop and we will share the loot. Now I couldn't turn that down as we were already pretty sure we would get destroyed but I chose to hear them out. It was then that they started firing at us. Within 15 seconds we had both been blown off the sloop by cannon fire. I killed 2 of the gally crew who were in the water swimming towards us and me and my friend swam to the gally and hid. I was low health and had no bananas so I went to check their barrel only to find they were out…I had to go to the island to find some. It was at this time my friend disconnected and not having a ship he re-joined on an island with a fresh sloop. He began his journey back to Keel Haul. I finally found bananas but had also been seen by the gally crew and they made short work of me. I respawned on the ship right as we were next to Sanctuary outpost so I set the sloop on a course heading away from the island and we jumped on the outpost and waited. As expected the gally finished the fort and headed straight to Sanctuary. Of course the first thing they offloaded was the stronghold chest. As they neared the gold hoarder tent we sprang from the bushes and approached the person carrying the chest. That's when they made a crucial error…they dropped the chest. I immediately snatched it up and ran to the gold hoarder. As i turned it in I turn around only to be hit with a few good sword strikes but it was too late the money was ours. Granted it wasn't a lot but the fun we had was more than worth the 2100 gold.

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