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Ability to spawn at forts or islands without a boat nearby?

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - Ability to spawn at forts or islands without a boat nearby?

So I rolled up on a fort not to long ago that had 2 players at it. As I approached the fort fort I was instantly sniped as I left my ship.

I respawn in and launch myself over again.

The two dudes on the island started begging me for help (I'm a legend) and asked them why and I would only help do the fort if I got the skull.

They agreed and said they were being camped by a hacker. (I thought it was them that sniped me earlier)

As they said this I pretty much instantly died again. I respawn in, launch over (The island was not firing at us… there were about 20 skeletons glitched into the towers and about 30+ mermaids everywhere)

I asked who shot me and they said they hacker that they killed. I did not believe them until sure enough, someone showed up on the boat and killed both of them, I got a snipe off on the hacker and killed them.

Got quiet again and we started doing the fort together. As we were doing the fort, hacker showed back up (about 2 minutes or less) and focus fired me down again. I got one snipe off and something finished him/ her off.


2 minutes later same thing happened. There were no boats on the horizon or anywhere to be seen. Just a TON of mermaids.

We finished the fort and as we were looting my team mate saw someone in the crows nest. I shot them out of it and they died from fall damage.

We quickly looted and went to the nearest outpost to sell.

After we finished looting a boat comes in from the opposite direction of the fort and slams into us, it was our friend from the island.

Team mate got a shot off and I killed with the sniper, sink the boat quickly, and when she/ he spawns back in she kills me almost instantly from the water. We nope out and we are done.

Of course blaring music through open coms.

Anyone else experience this?

TLDR: Someone showed up at fort ever minute or 2 with no visible boat. Island skeletons were not firing cannons and seemed to be glitching all into towers. TONS of mermaids in water. Instantly "one" shot players (sniper pistol combo)

I will upload video later.

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