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About the word “Grief”

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I’ve seen tons of people on this reddit using the word “grief” badly. I will try here to make things clear.

A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways. (Link wikipedia)

  • Sinking an enemy ship is not grief, whatever the context is.
  • Stealing from enemy ship is not grief, whatever the context is.
  • Killing an enemy is not grief, whatever the context is.
  • Spamming loud noise in mic is grief.
  • Joining a team to dump stuff in water or afk at wheel is grief. I know it can be debated, because if the brig exists, you could tell me “mutiny is an intended aspect of the game”, but the brig exists because it is an alternative to a kick system, kick system has not been implemented to prevent kicking people just before handing in at an outpost. So teams are not meant to be ennemies/to mutiny, brig is a protection from REAL griefers.
  • Brigging someone for no reason without ever unbrigging is grief.

“QQ But i am solo, i was not on my ship, and i had nothing when this galleon came to sink my sloop !!”


Being solo sloop, or not being on ship, or having nothing : who cares. If someone wants to sink you, they are allowed to try, and it is not an unintended way of playing the game.

It is your right to bring your salt and your tears on the reddit, but don't call others what they're not.

There is no way to sink/steal/kill in unintended ways in this game. Yes i know people can wait on ship to repeat kill without sinking the ship but scuttle prevent it, if you are in this situation, it means ayway they could easysink you, so just scuttle it anyway. And about people camping outpost : if outpost were not designed safe place, it is for a reason.

TL;DR : Sink/Steal/Kill enemies is NOT grief in this game.

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