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Active Volcano Survival Guide

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…because apparently it's needed.

Sail a galleon.

When hit with rocks, it takes mostly mid-deck holes so you'll be repairing less holes less often. Join the Discords if you don't have enough friends or enough friends currently online.

Keep your helmsman on board.

They can keep the ship in a wide arc around the island while remaining largely below deck to both repair/bail and avoid being killed by a rock on top deck. They can occasionally check horizon for enemy ships.

If your helmsman is unlucky enough to die, odds are you won't have taken 4 bottom holes at the same time and he'll be able to come back and fix the ship up well before it sinks.

Alternatively, you can have a second crewmember stay with the helmsman on repairs in case one of them dies. Up to you.


Send the remaining two or three crewmembers to do the voyage.

With 5 bananas each they fire to the island via the canons to do the voyage. If they die, they respawn on ship and can simply fire themselves back to the island to continue.

Use a rowboat.

If available, use a rowboat to bring loot back to the ship. Otherwise simply swim pieces back while the volcano isn't active.

This method means nearly zero downtime and is the most efficient method I have come across for grinding voyages in the Devil's Roar. Despite what people are saying, this expansionis a skill-based difficulty increase. It requires you to change your voyaging style as well as your resource, crew, and time management. These are strategic skills. This expansion has increased the required strategy ceiling. So… git gud. ;)

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