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After the last disastrous post, I'll add a few suggestions that aren't based around the PvP aspect of the game.

First off, the cutlass is necessary for any setup, PvP or PvE. There should be at least one alternative.

-The Rapier

Rapiers are based around combos, swinging quickly but doing slightly less damage (1/7 of a players health), with less "range." The rapier swings in groups of 5, doing extra damage on the last hit (1/5 of a players health) but swings a bit slower on the last hit. The heavy attack (the lunge for the cutlass) is similar, you lunge forward doing damage do everything in front of you, doing lower damage but continuing the lunge after the hit (piercing through).


Coconuts would be a food item (coming soon, we hope) that would focus on healing over time. Coconuts are found in the same way you find bananas, but they are slightly rarer. They heal 1/2 of your health over 5 seconds (1/10 a second). They would be useful when poisoned or when repairing in boiling water. They could also be used as cannonballs, but cannot damage the ship and only damage players on a direct hit. However, if players are hit by the splash of milk they get it splattered all over their face, obscuring their vision like vomit.


Seriously. Out of the billions of fish in the sea we should be able to catch them. You start off with a fishing rod and go to different areas to get different fish. When you fish them up (you need a fish bowl to do so, obtainable from merchant or as random "cages" throughout the map) you put them into a fish bowl, which you deliver to the merchant.


-Skeletons on skeleton ships will actually board your boat

Why not, you can board theirs, why can't they.

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It's a pirate game, we want parrots, and other birds, and I guess other animals.

-The ability to thank the ferryman

Would be funny, but there is no way this will ever happen.


Necessary, I do have a couple of ideas.

  1. Ashen chest of sorrows: The water it pours out is boiling. Sells for twice as much as the chest of sorrows.
  2. The reapers skull: Marks its location on the map for all to see once dropped. Sells for a crap ton.
  3. Eye of the storm: (Trinket) From the moment you pick it up a storm heads your way, 3 to 5 minutes later the storm catches up to you, and will always be over your head until you sell it (and it sells for ludicrous amounts).
  4. Chest of the eternal flame: Damages the person holding it at a rate 2 times as slow as boiling water. Sells for an amount similar to the chest of 1000 grogs, but slightly higher.

Well, I've poured all of my good ideas onto this post, share your ideas and thoughts of these.

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