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Addressing the elephant in the room: The PvP combat is terrible.

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Ok, so I finally feel like I've played enough SoT to address this. I discussed this with a couple of other crews today, and we've all come to the conclusion that the PvP is a mess.

Ship combat is really fun on the surface, but once you actually delve deeper and get 2 competent crews facing each other, it's just endurance. Who has the most planks/cannonballs. Tactical naval maneuvers are completely pointless when you can fix a broadside hitting your hull live it's nothing. I feel like I can outsail most ships, but I'm not kidding myself- sailing skill doesn't win fights. Attrition does.

Take a sloop for instance. The smallest and most nimble boat shouldn't be a juggernaut capable of taking absurd amounts of hits like it's nothing. There was a 1 sloop + 2 galleon free-for-all an a skull fort I tried earlier and the sloop took something like 30 hits to my estimation but was never threatened. That's ridiculous. One person can easily stop it from sinking whole the other steers or fires back. If anyone played BF4 with 2 engineers sat in the back of a Little Bird heli eating rockets for fun? Yeah, it feels like that.


I'm probably of average skill level in this game, but I shouldn't be able to drive a sloop with my crewmate through broadside after broadside, repairing innumerable holes, and be completely unscathed. From all our experiences, the Sloop is so much better than the Galleon it's unreal.

If you board someone, the combat is even worse. I've had a ton hand-to-hand encounters with other crews, and in almost every situation, it devolves down into whether someone can get a lucky 1 shot kill with the blunderbuss (or a hit in with the pistol) and then just jumping around the deck mashing sword attacks. Don't even get me started on hitboxes and stun locks. And what is the point in the eye of reach? The scope sensitivity is a mess, and if you get lucky and snipe someone operating a cannon in the head, they still don't die.

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I really enjoy sailing around the seas and I'm looking forward to what else the devs have to offer, but considering the emphasis on player interaction, the combat really is god awful. I'm being completely honestly when I say it's probably the most clunky system in any game I've played. Hell, Minecraft combat plays out better.

I can't help but feel that it's such a missed opportunity.

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