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After losing almost half of a ~100k+ haul, I’d like to discuss the Kraken and loot sink time

Sea of Thieves 6 - After losing almost half of a ~100k+ haul, I'd like to discuss the Kraken and loot sink time

My wife, a friend, and I ran a Brig a couple nights back. Cleared 3 forts and sunk a Sloop with fort loot on board. Did countless shipwrecks, message in a bottles, etc. All of this was during an Athena's. We had all maps of the Athena's done except the Chest of Legends when we cleared the last fort.

Sure enough, after leaving the fort and heading towards the final map for the chest, the Kraken spawns. It almost immediately sucked me and my friend off the ship, leaving my fairly inexperienced wife to fend for herself. Sure enough after getting slapped and wrapped, we sunk. As we were sinking, the Kraken grabbed my wife and drowned her. Luckily, it let go of my friend and he quickly went to the rowboat and began loading it up as the loot floated up. Meanwhile I was in some sort of glitch and the Kraken tentacle refused to drop me. I could even spin 360 degrees, but couldn't see a tentacle to attack, so I was just stuck there, watching my friend load loot.

It eventually dropped me, but lo and behold, I could barely swim. It wouldn't let me swim fast (click in the thumbstick/sprint button) but it would also barely allow me to move forward at all. I couldn't even make it to my mermaid. This caused me to have to leave the server and join back, all while 100k+ was at stake.


Now, even though my friend was right on top of the treasure as it was floating up, he could not retrieve it all. Even though he kept grabbing it and setting it back down (to make its "float timer" reset), it wasn't enough. He helplessly watched as multiple items sunk into the abyss.

We did end up turning in the Legend chest and selling around 65k worth of loot, but that was by far my most frustrating experience with this game. Of course we were going for a screenshot, and if we would have lost it to players, okay cool. But, it honestly felt like the game was playing us.

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First, the Kraken. It sucked all three of us off the boat. I didn't even know that was possible. I know the Kraken was buffed with Shrouded Spoils, but isn't that a little much? Not to mention the glitch with me. I was helpless and had to leave the server. That's unacceptable honestly.

Second, and I know this has been stated many times, but the float time for loot should be higher. I'm not sure of the exact timing of it right now, but it feels like 3-4 minutes. I think 10-15 would be reasonable.


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