Sea of Thieves

All in one night: Friendly pirates, turncoats, violation of the sloop code, 3-way fight for loot, revels with enemies.

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Wall of text warning.

2-man slooping with my friend last night, and as we're gold hoarding back and forth around Sanctuary Outpost… a skull fort appears at nearby Keel Haul. Since we're resource whores (passing an island, go get resources!), we had a stocked ship (200 cannonballs, 100 bananas, 100 planks, plus our own inventory full).

It's been a busy server so far; several sloops and galleons sighted recently, but all kept their distance. We all avoided each other if docked at an outpost. A wary bunch.

We were on-route to Wanderer's Refuge when another sloop crossed our path rather close for comfort. You know, "hey, what are they doing… should we wave or man cannons" close.

We pulled our cannons up and slowed, and an unmarked, plain-hulled sloop pulls alongside, with the lone pirate aboard wearing nothing but his skivvies. Alas, the lad was mute (no mic) but we were able to communicate our friendly intent. Fairly sure this was his first time on the seas, as both the pivot of the sail and the lowering of the anchor were new to him.

We guided him to a nearby shipwreck, and showed him that he could dive to recover lost loot from unfortunate pirates. We left him with all the loot (2 skulls) aboard the wreck, waved and wished him good sailing as we departed!

We decide to continue voyaging (6 circles full of maps man!) and see if anyone goes for the fort, which was still beckoning all, but with no ships engaged as of yet. Of course, eventually a galleon appears at Golden Sands fully lit, and heads straight for the fort after loading up on resources.

Some time later, we're making our final run to Sanctuary to drop off our loot; 19 chests, handful of skulls and crates of goods (shipwrecks…. shipwrecks everywhere). Skull's still up, galleon's still there. We park within sight of the fort and unload, noting the other 3 sails within sight on the horizon; all sloops, none mobile.

As we head off to our next destination… the skull cloud disappeared.

Now, be we honorable men with true intent, sailed on we would have without another thought. But we be pirates. Make a decision we had to; stop behind the rock that now obscured us from the fort, the galleon, and the pirates and wait for them to load up and head to an outpost… or show our hand and sail towards.

Sail towards we did, sails unfurled and bent with the wind as our humble sloop howled across the waves!

The galleon was still parked on the far side of the fort from us, they must be loading the loot! They finally saw the enraged sloop headed towards them, hellbent and intent; dropped their sails and began to pull away. My mate launched himself at the island to check on the stronghold keep door; open it was! The bounty still within!

Headed right for the galleon did I, aiming my bowsprit right at their hull. In desperation to avoid a collision, the galleon helmsman put her hard over… and into the island! My mate used the forts' cannons to hole the galleon's hull while I used mine to do the same, then he boarded her and prevented her crew from keeping her afloat. While I circled the island and the sinking ship at speed and distance to repel boarding attempts… the galleon sank beneath the waves, her crew on their way to meet Davy Jones. The loot was ours!

As we loaded up the spoils of our victory from both the island and the watery grave of the galleon, we noted a sloop on the horizon had changed direction. It was now coming at us from the northeast, full speed, with the wind at their back.

Putting Keel Haul to our stern, we decided to head east towards Dagger Tooth to deliver our captured cargo. Our plans were quickly shattered into oblivion… galleon sails from Lone Cove were headed right at us.

Golden Sands was the next obvious choice; the wind would be in our favor, and we would be able to maintain distance from the sloop. But… it was also shifting to be in the favor of the approaching galleon as well.

We decided to hug the islands to the south of Keel Haul to lose the galleon, and if we had to engage the sloop, so be it.

We looped around island after island, putting distance between us and the galleon, but the sloop was right on us like a flea on a midshipman. The galleon, though sailed valiantly, just couldn't keep up with our tight, shore-hugging turns around the islands, and then as we turned back into the wind.

We made a pass around Sanctuary Outpost, and my mate dashed off to cash in the Stronghold Skull, then the Chest unopposed!

We again turned into the wind and tried to put distance between us and the galleon by getting as close as we dared to the islands we came across.

The sloop on the other hand, was crewed by master seamen. They had deduced our strategy for the galleon, and maneuvered to intercepted us by hugging the shoreline even closer than we dared. We tried to cut them off, and ended up grinding against an unseen shoal.


Our speed lost, the enemy sloop quickly closed the gap and began to lob cannon at us. As my mate went below to repair, the last cannon shot sounded different. Boarder! Although I managed to get in several good swings, a sword is no match for a Blunderbuss to the face. Down I went, in a swirl of green mist, falling to the locker, warning my mate with my last breath that we had been boarded!

As I strode the deck of the Ferry, another soul coalesced into being beside me. Had my mate repaired the ship, engaged the boarder, and sent that scurvy scum to the locker! No! My mate looked glumly towards me and, under the glare of Davy Jones himself at the wheel, uttered "one hole left, and they dropped our anchor. We're surely done for."

Our hopes dashed upon the rocks as hard as the galleon which we conquered earlier, we grimly walked through the ferry's door, into the light….

… but instead of an island with an empty ship bearing no scars, our ears heard the gurgling of water, and our eyes saw the battered, but still afloat, hull of our sloop! As I dashed for the anchor and my mate dashed below, we heard then saw the crackle of gunfure of the galleon engaging the other sloop! Our anchor surged from the depths and my mate's bucket was a blur emptying as fast as he could. As our two opponents parried around each other, cannons alight and sails billowing… we took the wind and headed for the closest outpost, our hearts beating in our chests, the adrenaline at full tilt… and our hold still full of loot! A quick count showed that the most expensive items were still aboard; Villainous Skull and merchant crates. A single Hateful Skull lay by our capstan, moved by the boarder but not taken! Had they managed to take anything? In our haste we did not have a full accounting of our plunder from the fort.

We docked as hastily as we could, and emptied all our loot into the waiting hands of the buyers at Sanctuary. Our ship empty, we looked back into the distance from which we came…but could not see anything… where had the galleon and sloop gone?

As we pulled up the anchor to depart, our hold once again bursting with resources, we snapped our gaze to the crackle of distant fire… the galleon and sloop were emerging from behind the very rock we had considered hiding behind just off Keel Haul!

My mate and I locked gazes, and new what we had to do. The sloop that nearly sank us would feel our wrath.

The battered hull of our trusty sloop screamed through the waters, almost as if hell herself was casting wind into our sails. My mate, with unerring aim, landed several shots at the sloop, and as we screamed past the galleon, we yelled out our intent across the waves "we'll help ye sink those bastards!". The galleon crew waved and cheered at their guns as our sloop tore past, engaging the enemy sloop as soon as we had a clear shot.

With 5 cannons raining hell upon them straight and true, the enemy sloop was not long for this world. While she had sailed and fought bravely, eventually her tattered sail flying gallantly from her crowsnest dipped beneath the waves. Her crew dead. Her loot floating to the surface!

The galleon came to a stop beside the enemy sloops' watery grave. We coasted to a stop beside them. An uneasy silence descended. Would they wreak havoc upon us? Would we cannon each other into oblivion? Our sail up and away from them, our cannons up, our hands extended in peace… I offered a truce and a sharing of the loot across the water. They accepted!

We coaxed our battered, weary ships back to Sanctuary, and docked beside each other. Ran our loot in, and we invited them for a drink at the inn. Accomplishments were had (Tactical Chunder, etc.), songs were sung, instruments played in off-key harmony. It turns out these hearty pirates had only recently bought XBoxes for this game! We offered one last helping hand; the "Greatest Race" achievement. As we headed to the dock to board our ships for the last time that evening, their captain came to a sudden stop.

"Wait… drop your sails." he said cautiously.

We knew the jig was up, and as we lowered our Sovereign sails, with our battered matching hull and figurehead, they proclaimed "I knew it! As soon as I saw that black sail headed towards us at the fort I knew we were screwed!"

Laughing in good humor, we all boarded our ships and headed off together, letting them take lead and putting our noble, trusted sloop within arms' reach of their hull. As we screamed across the waves, their notification for their achievement popping up on their screens, we all conceded that this truly was, the Sea of Thieves.

TL:DR; two-man slooping, galleon does a skull fort over there, we sink the galleon and claim the loot, a wild sloop appears and gives chase, galleon shows up for revenge and gives chase, sloop nearly sinks us, galleon engages other sloop, we turn in everything, then help the galleon sink the other sloop. Split the loot, get drunk together, and the galleon figures out we were the ones who originally sank them. Good times.

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