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All the little bugs that are still in the game, adressed or not.

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Hello fellow pirates!

I want to start off by saying that this is NOT a bashing of the game thread, im in love with this game and play it everyday, these are just some pointers and bugs that have been in the game for awhile and have not been fixed, bugs that havent been adressed, or new bugs that have showed themselves after launch. Im hoping we can make a comprehensive list of all the bugs we know so that Rare might take notice and let us know if these are being worked on, or maybe they just didnt know existed. So here we go, point number one:

  • – Pigs can only be fed if you have both the pickup and the feed prompt.

This has been in the game since launch and i have never even heard anyone talk about it, wich really amazes me. Its an easy way to loose all your bananas and a very wierd bug to still be in the game

  • – Thieves Haven fps drop.

While this has been adressed, and even said to be fixed, the fps issues on Thieves Haven consists. I have a good gaming computer, no issues whatsoever in any other game, or any other place on the seas, but this island still makes my fps drop down to below 25 sometimes. Several people that i play with, high end computer or no, have the same issues. Frustrating when such a beautiful island makes you go "uuugh, bye bye smoothness".

  • – Shooting yourself with a cannon and going 50 miles in the wrong direction.

This has been adressed by Rare and is supposedly being worked on, but its been a long time, and is still so frustrating.

  • – Order of Souls skeletons despawning.

This is waaaay better then it used to be, people are even saying that its totally gone. Maybe its better with a full crew but i have noticed while slooping with a friend that if we both die at the same time, or just seconds apart, neither of us are on the island and the game treats it as if we sailed away and despawns all the skeletons. This forces us to sail away from the island for real and come back, annoying.

  • – Certain sounds are still being heard.
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If its either the turning of the sails, raising the anchor or even the Chest of a Thousand Groggs music, some sounds just persists and refuses to go away.

  • – Shoot yourself out of a cannon too fast and get the feeling of being in a tin can.

Again, another sound issue, if you load yourself into a cannon and shoot yourself instantly the "inside the cannon" sounds persists and everything you do, if its jumping, shooting, crunching a banana, all of it will sound tin can-y.

  • – Light from the lantern gets stuck on the water surface.

Everything here is not going to be the biggest issues in the world, but at night if you hold your lantern up on the water surface and then switch to your gun for example, the light will stay there untill you use your lantern again.

  • – Hit markers.

For me atleast, this is a big one. Knowing if your shot connected or not is the difference between killing a person or being killed. This might be server issues or Xbox v PC issues, I dont know, but hit markers needs to be adressed.

  • – Skeletons with guns.

While the issue of the insane aim these guys used to have is fixed, one thing that still bothers me is their total disregard of walls. Being able to shoot through them, even through the side of your ship, is a huge deal whle running back for a banana or two just to be shot while in cover.

  • – Weird lighting bug when starting the game.

This is another issue that ive seen some people talk about, but has been on the down low for awhile. When starting the game up strange lighting issues start, you can see blue/white/green lines around certain objects and is especially promiment when looking at the sky or the beaches. Some people have reported that going down to 900 resolution fixes it, id rather it just not be in the game at all.

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For now, thats the points i can think of on the top of my mind, if you have any others that youve encountered and feel needs to be adressed, please type them in the comments bellow so people and (hopefully) Rare takes notice!

Thanks everyone and see you guys on the seas!

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