Sea of Thieves

All the *Sea of Tease* that hasn’t arrived yet

Sea of Thieves 1 - All the *Sea of Tease* that hasn't arrived yet

Went back over a bunch of write ups, and wracked my brain to list everything Rare has teased that's upcoming but has not explicitly been confirmed and/or announced yet (sourced where possible)…

What have I missed???

June @ E3

  • "an activity that you, you know, you commonly do out at sea, kind of maybe to pass the time and stuff – that quite a lot of people have maybe even asking for as well, like quite consistently" – Joe. Confirmed it was pencilled for Shrouded Spoils, but wasn't a firm target (just a nice to have).

Sept @ EGX

  • "we're cooking up some new stuff for the future" – Shelley, emphasis hers


  • Mike Chapman is “very passionate” about expanded activities “like cooking, like fishing”… Whatever does come into the game will have a very Sea of Thieves take on things. “Keep your eyes peeled in the future”.

Dec 6 – Live Stream

  • "New and interesting ways for interactions between ships and stuff in the future, it’s definitely we’ve got our eye on. Not directly boarding ropes, but new and interesting ways for ship-to-ship interaction that will be interesting in both the Adventure world and Arena…"

Fall Snails / Tall Tales

  • is the name of the update after the Arena focussing on expanded quests. Did Rare confirm that specific naming, or are we all just assuming, I can't remember?


  • Pets and Captaincy updates are still on the table. Pets are "being worked on" (stream), ship naming "will come" (XO).
  • Larger ship "when, not if" (source???)
  • Private servers and/or multi ship friends on same server – "when, not if" (Joe, I think)

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