Sea of Thieves

All those little bugs and annoying gameplay things that hasn’t been fixed since release

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - All those little bugs and annoying gameplay things that hasn't been fixed since release

So i'm a huge fan of the game. I love it, mainly for the magnificent landscapes and all that piratey thing. But as it comes to the gameplay, I find it very frustrating to get stopped in that mood by some annoying bug… And basically mostly die as youcould have handle the situation easily. Here's my little list, feel free to complete it with yours.

! Playing on PC ! Not here to flame Rare or any dev. Just giving out a list of stuff that could be "easily" fixed.

  • As you want to get a banana, if you go too far up the wheel of items too quickly with your mouse you will basically activate the fullscreen-windowed mode and your mouse will be visible. You'll have to click back to the game, push Q again, and put your mouse just on the banana spot. All of that without dying for the very first reason you wanted to grab a banana real quick.

  • Reload animations feels wrong. I think they should just be shorter, but most of the time we just happen to wait ~90% of the animation and switch to whatever item, just to realize when we come back on that previous weapon that it wasn't reloaded.

  • Overall, post-action animations just take so long that you have to wait and run before you can open the Q or E wheel. That is not suited for a PvP dynamic game and even in PvE that can be very challenging.

  • The ladder animation feels very weird. I think animations could be simplified and easily turned into something more natural. Also sometimes that animation will make you feel like you didn't grab the ladder, but you did; too late, you already spammed your "grab ladder" button and now you just dropped it and you're in the sea.

  • All of the elements that blocks your character's hitbox on the head. I'm thinking about those skelly fort gates where you can basically get stuck while 10+ skellies run after you.

  • The sword stun feels weird. Not really a stun but in the meantime you can just be frustrated at how you can't even change your weapon, grab a banana or flee. and if you managed to grab a banana… cf point 1.

Will edit and complete with your points

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