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Alliances need some down side to them

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EDIT2: To be clear. I don't think alliances are bad they are good but they are TOO good, IMBA, OP or w/e you want to call it. So I think they should be nerfed.

Alliance system is dumb. Nobody really does anything together(besides skeleton boats but those aren't here to stay so I wouldn't look at that) as an alliance. Every crew does their own thing and treats alliance as something extra that just happens on the side. Is that the direction Rare wants this game go? Massive farm fest on every server?

Without any down side to alliances it's just silly not to join everyone on the server as you go about your thing. Since the alliances came into game I've been attacked once. By white sails with bunch of 'sailors' on board I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even knew how alliance system works.


I imagine you all love your extra gold and rep but is free gold and rep really what people want? Hell! Just give everyone PL Athena 10 and 10 mil. What's the problem? Maybe once everyone is done farming their PLs and Athenas they realize how empty the game became.

It probably also killed any thrill of finding friendly crew since every crew is friendly now. This game literally became Sea of Friends.

There should be some downside for crew that turns in the loot or limit to boats in an alliance. So you have the think before you join and are the people your in alliance with worth it.

Just to prove I don't just hate everything. Brig is pretty sweet alternative boat and I'm happy about how it turned out.

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