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Am I a bad guy?

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 3 1920x1080 1024x576 - Am I a bad guy?

I usually sail around in a solo sloop, approaching people trying to join their crew as a "Hardcore companion", they can set me on sail duty, helm duty, cannon duty or as a vanguard on enemy ships.

I approached a sloop on plunder outpost, slowly anchoring next to them, climbed in board, noticed they had a bunch of gold/black chickens and snakes, these guys been farming these up for a long time!

After a short conversation, one of the guys shot me in the back with his boomstick, I could hear them chuckle and laugh as I fell to my ground.


As I loaded back in I could hear them firing St my ship, as soon as they noticed I was back I was bombarded with "go play minecraft noon, Lear to play, so bad, horrible player" etc, so I abandoned ship, swam to the other side of their ship, climbed up the ladder and killed them both, waited for them to spawn, asked why they did what they did and told them to act more polite, they instantly jumped on the "pc hacker!" train, so I killed them again, slaughtered all their chickens and snakes, set their ship on a course out at sea, climbed to the crows nest and lied down.

They spawned, took a minute for them to realised their chickens were gone, mad as fu*k, plotting to report me for grief and cheat. On their way back to the outpost. Lit their gunpowder barrels and dropped them down. Didn't even realise I was up there before they sank.

I feel kinda bad for the chickens, should I?

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