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Am I a bad person?

Sea of Thieves 9 - Am I a bad person?

So the other night my friends deserted me at an outpost while I was gathering supplies. Before I could make it to the mermaid something I'd never seen before happened. I was running down the dock when a brand new, server fresh brigantine spawned. So obviously that meant I had to steal it before the crew could finish loading and get to it. What pirate could resist, am I right?

I got out quickly enough that I never even saw any of the crew but I didn't really have a plan. That is until I saw a nearby skeleton ship. That was perfect. What better way for them to start a session of Sea of Thieves than taking a mermaid over to their stolen ship, in the middle of a battle, with a potentially hostile pirate on board? So I set sail on a collision course.

Now, I didn't actually want to straight up sink the ship, but right after I rammed the skeletons the first crew member respawned on board. I tried to talk to him, told him his ship spawned right in front of me, and jokingly asked if he could blame me for stealing it. He never did say anything and proceeded to swipe wildly at me. I felt a little bad for him though. It took him way too long to realize I was blocking and he wasn't even hurting me.


When he drew his firearm I decided to fight back. I quickly dispatched him with a sniper shot and a sword lunge. By then the ship was nearly half sunk. I had to bail fast and fix three or so holes. Again, sinking the ship wasn't really my intention. At that point I was really just messing around until I expected the crew to eventually overwhelm me.

Though the rest of the crew never showed up. It was always just the one guy who came back a couple more times. To my credit, and since I was just messing with him anyways, I always let him take the first hostile action before re-engaging in combat. If he'd chosen to speak and not to fight that would have been the end of hostilities, but I can totally understand why he was focused on trying to rid his ship of me.

Read:  I don’t usually post but I had a hell of a night thanks to the rowboats and need to share.

It wasn't long before he just didn't come back. I was left on the ship for a bit just fixing the damage from the skeletons. At the time I was hoping him and some more of his crew were preparing for an epic rally to take back the ship together. My hopes were in vein though. I suddenly realized the ship was getting blown to bits way faster than just a single skeleton ship could cause. It's possible he might have scuttled it, but I think he likely just decided to try another server. Oops… Too much?

Anyway, do you think I'm a bad person? What would you guys have done differently in my situation?

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