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An alternative strategy to solo a skull fort

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - An alternative strategy to solo a skull fort

Not saying this is a great strategy – but I figured I'd write it up and maybe it'll help another pirate.

So last night I am solo slooping to the skull fort that is in the north west of the map. I think it is Keel Haul. I am going into the wind, and it is slow going. I can see another sloop racing to the fort. They are clearly going to beat me to it. A solo sloop against an organized two man sloop is a tough fight at the best of times. Trying that whilst in range of the skull fort cannons? Yeah I am not trying that.

So I spot a little island that is near by, and pull up the sails. From the crows nest I watch them land, and start to clear the fort. I load up on bananas, and fire myself over to the fort. It is a long swim. When close to the fort I swim to the far side of the fort. There is a gun powder barrel within reach so I grab it.

I found a gap in the fence from a where I could sort of see what was going on. At the start of the next wave I swam over to their boat. Instead of setting the barrel of I let it float just by the left front of the boat – out of sight from the fort. Then it was another nervy swim back to my hiding space.


I watch them clear another round or two of skeletons and then (whilst holding my breath) climb the ladder to the furthest cannon tower. I took a deep breath, stocked up on cannonballs, checked the horizon for other ships, and then just unloaded on the sloop. The first shot didn't set off the barrel. But the second did. One of the pirates went to repair the ship, one came after me. I managed to put another four or five shots into the sloop, then I could hear him coming up the ladder. I stood to the right of the ladder by the wall, and then blunderbuss'd him as he came up the ladder.

I then had the pleasure of watching the guy who tried to save the ship attempt the fort on his own. He lasted about a round. I am kind of surprised he didn't come after me.

Anyway, he soon died. I jumped down into the fort, and took out a few more myself before being killed. I re-spawned on my ship that was parked an island away, sailed it in and finished off the fort.

I love this game.

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