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An example of why I love SoT…. (sorry a bit long)

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So last night my son and I two-man race a galleon to a fresh skull fort. Amazed that no one was there, we start mobbing the waves, with me teaching him some tricks so we can (hopefully) clear it quicker than not.

So, being an open galleon, we were hoping for the best for recruits. Instead, recruit #1 who joined up was a ten year old with “a couple hours” of total game time. All he wanted to do was “let me snipe all the skeletons from up top (crows nest).” After telling him to just stay up high and keep an eye out for incoming ships, we got about twenty “there’s a boat” and “I think that’s a boat” and “over there” when asked their direction, etc…. as such, it was a lot of running back to the boat to confirm if our booth was in danger.

We finally just gunpowder romp the last five waves bc we knew our alone time was coming to an end. Right as we kill El Capitan, we see a customized galleon barreling down on us.

We run back to boat and the two of us sail fast and hard up toward Smuggler’s Bay. Our noob up in the nest still yelling about every “headshot” he has hit with the trailing galleon….

Thankfully we finally get a 4th who knows how to work sails and keep us afloat, bc we also took some heavy damage getting out of the fort. We formulate the plan to ditch my kid and key on Smugglers Bay and pick him up after we ditch the trailing galleon. So he dives over the rail and swims ashore after the trailing galleon passes. We sail off into the Red Sea with our remaining three while they send a two-man raiding party ashore to hunt for the key and my kid. We let the Red Sea sink us and they make scouting trips out and back hoping the key was on the sunken ship.

The two-man raiding team never finds my son and the key despite being very close to him on too many occasions.


We grab our fresh galleon and head back to Smuggler’s Bay, picking up my son and the key on the opposite side of the island. Their scout relays to the galleon that we picked one up so the galleon catches up and starts a second pursuit. They catch up quick bc Recruit 2 dropped anchor after my son missed our ladder as we passed. So with the galleon approaching quickly, I formulate a new plan. Recruit #1, who has been in the nest the whole time saying the most ridiculous, unhelpful, childish crap, and then talking dirt about our pursuers (as though he actually did anything to assist our escapes), is tasked with jumping off the boat and running into Smugglers Bay as a decoy. We give him a low-level skull to give his hands some shine, tell him to keep his back to the galleon as long as he can (so scopes can’t see what he mom is actually carrying), and run ashore. Then pretend he has the key or his the key and to occupy them as long as he can.

So they take the bait and send three to the island and leave one to sail the ship. Being able to keep ourselves at full wind with able sailers, we quickly outrun and escape the galleon while Recruit 1 runs around the island like a possessed monkey. They ultimately kill him, but not before he reports their galleon returned to the island and the fourth guy joined the search/raid.

So with the chasing crew frantically searching Smugglers Bay for our skull fort key, we sail to the Fort, load up the booty, and head to an outpost!

It was a lengthy adventure- but worth it for all the suspense and drama and fun!

TL:DR- knocked out a fort. Had a swooper galleon try to steal our key. Got chased for way too long and finally outsmarted them with a ruse/decoy. Got treasure. Drank grog.

Edit- “nest” not “best” (I hate autocorrect)

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