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An Honest Opinion About Forsaken Shores

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I absolutely love it.

When I first started this game, there was a lot of wonder and intrigue about the world I was about to discover. With my first few Gold Hoarder maps, I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out which island I was looking at. I saw those neat strongholds out in the distance and had no idea what they were. I can remember having all of the excitement about all of the clothing and equipment I would buy from the shops. It was fantastic.

I am a Pirate Legend now well into my grind on Athena’s Fortune, and I pretty much know where I am on the map at all times. I’ve had the opportunity to buy lots of cool clothing and ship cosmetics. Don’t get me wrong, I always see a great deal of beauty in this game each time I play. But there’s just nothing like exploring the game for the first time.

Well starting up Forsaken Shores last night gave me the opportunity to have that feeling again. As my crew and I approached the Devil’s Roar for the first time, we watch these beautiful volcano eruptions in awe. When we got to Morrow’s Peak, we all ran around like kids on Christmas morning marveling at the cool new clothing and ship cosmetics.


Seriously! I spent 400,000 gold right away!

As we dropped our first Gold Hoarder voyage in the Devil’s Roar, I found myself shuffling around on the map trying to figure out which island I was looking at, much like I did when I first started the game. We approached these islands not knowing fully what to expect. We didn’t know how long we had before an eruption, how many times island would warn us with quakes before it blew sky high, or even how close we should get. It was great.

We laughed hysterically as we were pelted with molten rocks falling from the sky. We also made tons of money as we admired our brand new Kraken ship and discovered many new places.

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I’m having a ton of fun with Forsaken Shores, and I look forward to exploring the rest of the Devil’s Roar.

u/Rare-SonicBob Thanks, Rare for making a creating an experience that makes the world feel brand new!

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