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An honest opinion on Rare and their game-

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - An honest opinion on Rare and their game-

Allow me to step onto my soapbox for a minute and just put this out into your pirate brains to be torched or applauded: Rare is doing amazing things and we should be excited to have a company as open and up-front with us as they are!

I’m a long time gamer and more often than not I can classify myself as a Blizzard fanboi(more on this in a minute). When my brother mentioned this “Sea of Thieves” I thought it would be more of a joke game to play with him and my niece from time to time, but Rare has created a stunning world in which we can lose ourselves to our youthful dreams of becoming pirates. Is it a “hardcore” title? No. Is it fun as hell and a great place to make friends and a beautiful virtual world to spend time in? Hell yeah!

Not only has Rare created an amazing world for us, but they are INCREDIBLY up front with us! They have big plans for the game and want it to be successful even more than we do. They are laying out a roadmap for what is to come, and even giving us dates for content releases when they are hoping to have things ready. Today they released a patch in hopes of giving us things that we all are asking for. Unfortunately for all of us some bugs were found and they immediately removed the problem-sections to remedy the issues and give us a heads up so we know what actions they are taking so we can continue to enjoy this world we are enjoying.


Now back to Blizzard. Our big boys at Blizzard will rarely launch anything unless they’ve tested it for months on a test server and by then we are all pretty much over that we’ve been watching from the backseat of streamers. If issues arise, they remain for WEEKS until they prepare another update to hopefully remedy issues. Open communication about what the issues actually are and what they’re doing about it? RARELY!

While it is a bummer that you don’t get what you want RIGHT NOW, at least they are communicating with you so you’re in the loop people! Don’t become the toxic community that ends up silencing our developers for fear of community backlash at anything they may tease or hope to release!

TLDR: Rare is being really upfront and honest with us as they try to give us the best game we all hope this can be – give them a freakin break!

I hope to see you all on the open seas, and hope for the best for our game! Happy sailing friends!

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