Sea of Thieves

An hour in the life of SoT

Sea of Thieves 9 - An hour in the life of SoT

I see plenty of talk about how progression in this game is worthless, gold is worthless, etc.

Tonight I logged in with an hour to play. My crew is on vacation so I decided to solo sloop. In gathering supplies at Sanctuary Outpost I found a scroll showing 4 treasures buried on Sailor's Bounty, so I decide to sail over because it's quite close by. The wind is with me and there are no sails on the horizon.

I drop anchor and immediately hear that sound that says there's a mermaid. I've only recently figured this out and luckily it's a sapphire so I collect it. Then I see something glinting in the distance. I swim over and it's a captain's chest just sitting on the sea bottom. I stash the gem, return for the chest, and smile because I'm up like 2K and I haven't even gotten to my scroll.

I get the first treasure (marauder's chest) and then I see some birds over a shipwreck. I sail over, dive the wreck, and come up with an ashen skull and two hateful skulls. I go back to Sailor's Bounty, finish digging, and get another captain's and two more maurader's chests. As I'm transporting the chests to my sloop I spot a chest of tea on the beach. It's all going my way tonight. I know this isn't a big haul for experienced pirates but for me the 8K or whatever is decent loot for ~30 minutes of play.

I'm the kind of solo slooper that moors behind an island in the hopes of evading detection. I sailed away from Sailor's Bounty and suddenly everything went wrong. The wind was completely against me now and worse, I see a brig sailing by the nearby skeleton fort. They noticed me and bore up; they had the weather gage and was clear they are going to attack. Even though I know my haul is relatively paltry and the gold is worthless, it's MY haul dammit. But there's not much I can do – I tried to bring the wind on my beam and sail past them, but one of them launches onto my quarterdeck.

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Good thing I expected this. I was ready with my sword. Dude takes some hits, then jumps down onto the deck and fires at me. He missed. I go to return fire and FML I've got the eye of reach enabled. I release the trigger, gun fires, dude is dead. Total lucky shot. I look up and I have the angle on the brig. I unload 5-6 cannonballs, most of which miss, but they must have decided I had skills because they don't choose to reengage.

I took a long winding course back to Sanctuary and sold off all of my loot. $$$

If you're still reading…

I see my attackers have gone to the skelly fort. Darkness has fallen and my hour of play is nearly up but I decide to pay them back. I planned to sail the short distance over, drop anchor and wheel around, then broadside them at the waterline with everything I've got before logging out.

And it would have worked except when I'm maybe 30 seconds from dropping anchor, the music changes. It's not fort music. I'm wondering what the heck it is when I look to port and there's a skeleton brig so close to me I could have jumped over and boarded it. They popped out of nowhere and I didn't even notice them. I try to ignore them and for a few seconds their course diverges, but then they start firing on me and one of their cursed cannonballs stops me cold. I see the flash of a glass from my quarry -they'd finally noticed me approaching and they'd made my number. That's when I logged out because hey it was my night to cook dinner and my wife doesn't care if I was fighting skeletons or pimps or brigantine buccaneers.

TL;DR – progression and gold may be worthless but there's still a lot of fun and tense moments to be had in SoT.

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