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An idea for more end game content

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One word Raids!

How will I access them ?

Well to start them you are required to be PL but if you are not one don’t worry because as long as you have a PL on your crew or alliances with one then you’ll still be able to access it.

How will these work?

Well there will be let’s say 3 to start off with. These will be huge gigantic islands guarded with skeleton ships. Each island will have complex puzzles you will have to solve to get deeper and deeper into them. These puzzles will involve uses of your equipment and some other stuff outside for example levers/moving rocks to complete certain puzzles. These puzzles won’t be simple as what you see on the riddle and may take hours to figure out. Also these islands will have 3 different entrances each containing different puzzle rooms leaving to more replay ability. As you progress you will take down many skeletons obviously but your main objective is to get to the main bosses which are the SKELETON LORDS.

Skeleton lords?

Skeleton lords have been talked about a lot in the lore with them being the most powerful/intelligent skeletons to roam the sea. When you get to them it won’t be easy to take them on as they will have there different unique move set such as being able to grab you by your neck suck the soul out of you instantly killing you or if you try to get up close and try to kill them they will stop hard on the ground pushing you back and causing many debris to fall. If you kill them it will be a great achievement because how much of challenge they are and obviously you will get a reward.


What’s the reward?

For two of the raids you’ll get these Athena’s chests that when open unlock a bad ass cosmetic set BUT if you beat the 3rd island then you’ll get the PL ship which was promised before launch to be added in the captaincy update but has put on the back burner so why not put in with these. To be clear this ship won’t be any normal ship it will be super distinct and in-fact it will captain flame-hearts own ship since he will be the final raid boss as-well a title of “legendary captain”.

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How with these could be expanded on after added?

Each of 3 base raids should be take at least 4 or 5 hours at least to complete at launch. Later they could add new sections to the islands and change up the existing sections they had leading to more replay-ability or they could add more raids but that might take longer to develop.

So in conclusion I think that these will eliminate the bored PLs as well be a true challenge for most crews but very rewarding although it will probably be quite a bit of time before we see this or if we do it would probably just be one. Overall what do you think?

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