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An interesting alliance

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So I joined a sloop that was heading to a skull fort. We were alliances with another sloop and a galleon was already there so we asked them if they wanted to join our alliance and they just shot at our ships. They managed to sink both of our sloops and everyone died except for me so I crept onto there ship and noticed that they had gunpowder in the crows so I silently bombed their ship and managed to sink them then. My crew mate had brought our ship back by that time and our alliance sloop was almost back so we started to the skull fort waves. It wasn’t too long before a 3rd sloop came in and decided to join our alliance sow wen now had 3 ships. A few minutes later the gallion came back and I was telling everyone to kill them they can’t be trusted but they joined the alliance and everyone was cool with it.anyways it wasn’t until after we completed the fort and open up the door that members of the galleon started going onto 2 of the sloops in our alliance and driving them off. Me and my cremate managed to get a few things and so did the other but the 3rd sank because of the galleon. We sailed to an outpost and turned our stuff in and the 3rd sloop met us there where we decide to head back to the gallion and kill because it was still at the fort collecting the remain of the loot. When we were at an outpost a 4 sloop came over and joined us , we told them what happens they joined the alliance and they agreed to go with us. So we sailed to sloops over there leaving the others behind and we sunk them. Turned there stuff in then went back to sink them again.

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Don’t mess with a 4 ship alliance

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