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An interesting experience.

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I was playing Sea of Thieves solo sloop but eventually got a little bored and started playing on PC with my friend.

I realized I never turned my Xbox off, and I was still in the game and had somehow died, so I returned to see myself on the Ferry of the Damned. I still had no interest in playing so I stayed there and kept playing on PC.

Eventually, a member of one of the galleons that I worked to defeat the Hungering One with earlier ended up in the same boat (pun intended) and we greeted each other. His time was up, so he returned to the mortal world. I went back to my computer.

More and more players began to die, including the familiar face of the first player. After a few deaths, he in particular curiously asked me what I had been doing and why I was still here. To elaborate, I said that I was cursed for eternity by Davy Jones himself and was stuck here. He had a good laugh and went with it. Of course, his time was up once again, and he departed.


The other players that had died had taken notice of me standing by the door whilst I was speaking to the other player. Eventually, there were plenty of players that were howling in game chat from my dialogue. Pretty soon, 3 or 4 players (from different ships, I assumed) were crowded around me, talking about how they had killed themselves just to give me some company in the dark world.

In the end, I came up with a good storyline on the spot and some really memorable laughs were had.

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