Sea of Thieves

An interesting story

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - An interesting story

So me and 2 friends were commandeering a brig heading to shark fin camp for a skull fort that popped up, we were stocked well and had plenty of cursed balls, so we pulled up to the island and went through a few waves when my teammate says there’s 4 ships heading our way (2 sloop 2 brig) we could see alliance flag between them, as they were pulling up we sank the brig easily killed the crew, then a sloop came and we gp’d the sloop and sank it then the other sloop(black sails) was docked at old faithful isle, while the last brig was here so we sank that one too, so we completed the skull fort and set off to galleons grave, as we started sailing away we noticed the black sail sloop decided to follow us, so we passed galleons grave dropped off the stronghold chest and skull, then headed towards ancient spire, as it came into render distance we could see another sloop(sailor) docked at the outpost, still being followed by the sloop we passed ancient spire and launched two of our crew to the sloop docked and they killed the crew and took the ship, I circled around ancient spire considering the other sloop following us was getting rather close, so my crew used the sloop they just stole and had a battle with the black sailed sloop they sank them and then rammed the sloop into the outpost and it sank, we managed to keep all our merchant animals alive while having gp barrels on our masts too(why didn’t they shoot them?) and we successfully defended against 4 ships and sank them more than once.


Nothing special just a really good session.

Also we didn’t sink once in that server.

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