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Another tale from the Sea of Thieves

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My crew and I set sail on a voyage last night just like any other night, but what we didn't know was that this would be the most memorable night we've had thus far. On our way to our second stop, we see a sloop at a (not so) nearby island after they had stopped at a shipwreck. One of my crew mates proceeds to fire himself out of the cannon toward the sloop. He managed to swim all the way to the island, boarded the ship, found their loot, and sailed it toward us. Somehow, he managed to fend off the crew and sail the sloop all the way back to us where we sunk her.

That's when the skull fort activated. As quickly as we could, we made our way over to the outpost near the fort and unloaded our spoils. When we turned back to the fort, we found one sloop and three other galleons!! You all know what happens next: long rounds of fighting each other while crews send people over to clear the fort. One galleon decided it wasn't worth the effort and sailed off. The first galleon that was already at the island when we started finished the waves and the captain and proceeded to sail away. They didn't get far before we caught up to them and sunk them. One of us went into the water and searched for the key, but to no avail. We continued to fight the other galleon for a little while and the sloop sat off to the side and sent people over to try to find it. The second galleon and the sloop were convinced we had the key despite our multiple attempts to convince them otherwise. If we had the key, we would have been long gone with it. More fighting ensues until the other galleon sinks. Meanwhile, on the island, crew from us, the other galleon, and the sloop are searching for the key but no one can find it. We even tried to find it together. Unbeknownst to me, one of us was boarding the other ships and stealing villainous skulls while everyone searched. Pirates from other crews boarded our ship so we could prove it wasn't with us. While one person was on board, another started firing cannons at us from the island. When I questioned him about his buddy shooting at us, he said "it must be skeletons." Right. We had decided to just take the villainous skulls and continue on our voyage. The key was obviously lost. I quickly dispatched the guy on our ship and we took off.


We go on to complete our voyage when the same sloop comes by along with a different galleon. We didn't fire on the sloop as they passed by. We had no quarrel with them. The galleon, however, tried to take us on. My crew mate again sneaked across the island we were on and boarded their ship. He found yet another villainous skull!! He took it and hid it on the island and went back to their ship. He killed the crew and juked the respawns until we were almost in position to sink them. They finally managed to kill him and they chased us around the island until we picked up the skull and sailed off. OK, time to turn our stuff in and end the night. We decide that the outpost near the fort was the best bet, but let's send someone over just to see if someone found the key and opened the vault. Out of sheer curiosity. Hmmm…the vault is still closed. They key must truly be lost. We drop off our loot and decide we'll take a quick pass around the waters where the galleon with the key sunk. Let's not get our hopes up, though.

By this point, everyone is long gone. We drop one crew member off in the water and sail around the island trying to remember where the ship sunk. As we're passing by the fort, I see what looks like a hateful bounty skull in the water. I tell the other person still on the boat to drop the anchor. It's not much but, hey, it's something! I jump off the back of the boat and start swimming over to the skull….But as I swim I notice it's pretty bright and it's looking more flat-shaped. It was the fort key!!!!! I had found the fort key floating in the water!!!!!! I swam to the shore amidst the surprised screams of both me and my crew mates. None of us could believe this was happening!! We quickly loaded everything on the boat and turned it all in.

So, one voyage, a bunch of stolen loot, and a lucky find made for the most memorable night of Sea of Thieves we've ever had.

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