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Artic/Icy Reigoin

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Currently we have 3 reigons in the map (Ancient Isles, Shores of Plenty & The Wilds) with a 4th reigon on the way in Forsaken Shores (The Devil's Roar). But I have been thinking that whenever there done with Cursed Sails Forskaen Shores and the 3 fall/winter updates (The first of which is in December) they could make an update that includes an Artic reigon to the north of The Wilds and Shores of Plenty. This area could have new types of weather that be essentially storms replaced with snow but instead of lightning there's hail and instead of steering the wheel and driving the compass crazy it starts to freeze the water around you and depending on it's thickness you could be stuck or plow through (and when you plow through you go slow and the ship takes damage) and the storms could have different strengths like rain storms where some storms are light snow and others are blizzards that completely freeze the sea making it impossible to enter or exit or even try to plough through the ice. It could be hard to manuever like The Wilds but instead of giant rocks it has huge icebergs that are randomly there. The islands could be covered in snow year round.A new skeleton type they could bring with the update would be snow skeletons that like how the plant skellys are weak to sword attacks the snow skellys will be weak to firearms. Anyways I hope this gets implemented into the game. And if you guys do as well come up with a name for it cuz I can't think of one


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