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As a bunch of new players, this story will remain in my crew’s memories

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - As a bunch of new players, this story will remain in my crew's memories

I've been lurking this sub since me and my 2 friends started playing SoT not so long ago. Thought I'd share the event that we experienced tonight because this really was a highlight of our (short) pirate career.

So basically, we do not play much and cannont often get the 3 of us online at the same time. We always wanted to finish up a fort and get that sweet loot but everytime we tried, we failed miserably. Tonight we decided to give it another try.

We start and a galleon shows up not long after. Because we are not good at this game, they sink us quite easily but for some reason, I manage to climb on their boat. Thanks to this sub, I decide to go full stealth and go sleep behind the captain's desk. These guys continue cleaning the fort but surprise, another galleon shows up. Big fight while I'm still sleeping. Galleon I'm in gets sunk.


Still alive, I decide to do what I do best: sleep again in a bush on the fort while new Galleon cleans the fort. My crew shows up but we are so bad that it is not even fair fight, they sank our ship in what felt like a nanosecond. While they shoot my boat, I manage to get on board and climb in the crow's nest where, again, I go to sleep.

At that point, I'm starting to get nervous, these guys finish the fort and I see them bringing the loot on the boat, fortunately not where I'm sleeping. I'm thinking I'll go for a sneak theft just before they reach the outpost, knowing my crew is not far behind them. I will finally turn in a stronghold item, I can already see it. . . . That's where the Kraken shows up. And of course, grabs me off that damn crows nest and throws me to the sharks.

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That's when it hit me. I will never get that damn stronghold loot, but I had a blast with my crew because everything was happening.

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