Sea of Thieves

Athena Smiled Upon Us.

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The four of us arrived at Crow's Nest on our gally. Two sloops were there partnered fighting the fort. Another gally a couple minutes out. This is where our story begins. We are able to sink one sloop before the enemy gally arrives. So the three of us (Our gally, the enemy gally, and the remaining sloop) are circling the island fighting each other while trying to kill the waves and steal the key. Captain spawns and a couple of my crewmates are at the fort trying to off him fast, they both die and the captain is killed. By this point the other sloop, the one we sank shows back up. And one of the sloops manages to get the key and sail away. We camp the fort, sink the other gally, and continue to battle with the sloop that didn't have the key. Eventually we give chase to the remaining sloop and sink it, all the while knowing we have no chance at recovering the key. That key was as good as gone so we drive back to Crow's Nest one last time, grab an explosive barrel and blow ourselves up in the hull of our ship. When we get to the ferry we play a sad tune and reflect on our loss. For some reason we all walk through the door on the ferry, we were going to log off anyway so I don't know what compelled us to spawn one last time but we did. Our ship spawns on Booty Isle, and who should happen to be at Booty Isle? A pirate with a skull key. I shit you not. I don't think I'd believe this story if you told it to me, but it happened. If you sloopers see this I'd like to say that you all out played us at every turn….but we got the booty! ARRRRRRGH.


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