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Attacking an Alliance Member should result in your crew automatically leaving the alliance

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I'll start this off with a little story for context. Today, sloopmate and I found a few brigantines that all seemed friendly enough. One of the brigantines sunk another (there were 3 brigantines total), and the sunk one left the alliance. Then the two other brigantines decided to do skelly forts, and we decided to do the skeleton ships.

On the final (captain) wave of the skele ships, however, the brigantine using the lvl 50 GH sails came and betrayed us, but we promptly sank them due to their poor decision to all board our ship, while I barrelled theirs. We collected all the loot and headed north to sanctuary outpost, and we noticed an allied brigantine chasing us. Figured it was the same one, we went and powdered them, before I realized it was the second brigantine (the much nicer one). I apologized and helped them repair, and explained the situation. A 3 way battle ensued, where the (much nicer) brigantine began firing on us as well. We ended up making it to sanctuary and selling 2 things before the two other brigantines caught up to us.


At this point, a 10 minute session of one allied brigantine spawn killing us (while the other one did nothing), all while in the alliance. By the time we cleared them off our boat, pretty much everything had been sold by the two other crews. We get killed again, and I respawn to my ship (sloopmate left for the night) being commandeered by the brigantine crew, who try to dismiss the events as "confusion" and offering to help sink the as*hole brigantine. I was tired and kinda drained at this point from being spawnkilled for 10 minutes, so I ended up just scuttling and leaving.

This experience made me pick up on 3 key improvements I believe are needed for the alliance system:

1 – There needs to be a different colored nametag for allied players to easily identify them and prevent confusion

2- There needs to be a system to remove abusive players from an alliance. This should be a sort of "strike" system, so any accidental damage doesn't result in the disbanding of an alliance.

3- Jesus christ players can be as*holes sometimes.

P.S. Yes, we could have left the alliance and stopped them from following us, but at this point in time we didn't want to punish the brigantine since they hadn't attacked us (yet).

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