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Barrel UI Needs Tweaking, not “AWFUL”

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So obviously there is some hostility and animosity with the new Barrel UI window. As a Pirate Legend and Athena 9 player I've spend a lot of hours playing this game, more than I probably should. *cough*

However with the new patch today I woke up ran to reddit (even before breakfast…geez) only to see hate pouring in with the new barrel UI change in the patch. So taking reddit with a grain of salt I decided to log-in and try myself.

After playing around with the new Barrel UI at first, it truly did seem awful however below are some positive changes.

Good Things (Barrel UI):

  1. Multi resource types in 1 barrel
  2. You can HOLD "F" or xbox equivalent key to literally speed grab everything out of the barrels, saving more time via less clicks than before.
  3. You can thus HOLD the key again when depositing supplies for a speed dumb. Yes you have to use hotkey/click between inventory and the barrel but for PC its Q and E pretty fast imo.
  4. Also I agree with Rare this opens up doors for more and more resources in the future and easier management

NOW, here is my problem that I think Rare could address or improve upon. Its the new page they put under Voyages/Commendations aka the Resource and Equipment tabs. Now Sea of Thieves is a very fast game and being able to keybind on PC or having radical wheels is great for speed. Curse Cannonballs are on neither of those, but on a tab window that isn't the first, but second moreover having to thus click on it manually to bring it in your hands……THEN load it into cannon to shoot……very tedious and very slow.


Changes or Things to Improve:

  1. Swap the resource and equipment tab in the tabs section. (Already been said by some fellow redditors)
  2. Possibly allow Curse cannonballs to be key-bound or slapped on radical wheel (for now)
  3. Possibly even make 2 radical wheels 1 for resources which opens the door for a lot more in the future, and 1 for equipment.

Now I know equipment in the future won't be able to fit on 2 radical wheels as more and more instruments and fun tools are added, however thus with the equipment tab, and key binds, we could choose which tools we wanted for easier access. I don't always need my grog mug, however if I need to access it via tab….oh well its fun flavored non combat important.

TLDR; Barrel UI isn't as bad as it might seem, Holding F key or xbox equivalent. Allows for speed pick-up or dumping. Multi resources in barrels, opens doors in future for more. Curse cannonballs are slow to grab, and use out of UI needs better solution. Maybe 2 radical wheels 1 for resources 1 for equipment?!?!?

Thanks for the reads ya scurvy dogs and see ya on the seas!!!!

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