Sea of Thieves

Beating a skull fort right before the server shut down.

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So I was up late doing some merchant missions and finished at Dagger Tooth. When I got done, I noticed I merged with a server and notice a skull fort in the South. I figured why not. I decide to go for it still realizing that the servers will shut down soon. So I set sail.

Along the way, I had the idea of doing an open sloop instead of a closed one. Right as I got to the fort, a gentlemen joins me. He starts to help me out and as I got to know him, he tells me that he is rather new to the game and it’s his first skull fort. So I am describing what we got to do and what’s going to happen. So I figured it would be a struggle at first.

As the waves began to flutter in, I noticed at times that I couldn’t use the ammo box inside the fort or any of the barrels inside. It would come and go. I was getting a little salty about it but still fought on. Me and this guy kept dying because of the bug and being only 2 people doing a fort. Dying didn’t make us angry because we both were having fun.


As we began to get to the final waves, we get the server status that the servers will be shut down. Both of us got some good shots at clearing the waves and when we got to the captain there was 20 minutes left on the server. We beat the captain with 15 minutes left and began to loot the stronghold. I was guiding him what to grab and take.

We sailed to Ancient Spire and turned in everything and he was so happy and excited when we turned it the stronghold skull(4,621) and chest(2,611). It put a big smile on my face. We ended up turning everything in with 2 minutes left before servers shut down.

This is why I love this game, to show others the great adventures out in the sea and to help others make a lot of money for possibly the first time.

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