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Being selfish in this way isn’t just “being a pirate”

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As this game gets older and more people are at PL or near there, I'm seeing so much selfishness. The attitude of "I'm already there and I won't help you" can't really be justified by "it's a pirate game"

I joined 2 people doing an Athena yesterday. They posted on LFG looking for 2 more for the galleon. One of them only needed to level up Merchant and the other still needed to level up all the alliances.

I'm only 31/17/29 but I joined for the experience. I'm not really fussed about leveling up.

The other guy who joined was a PL.

So we went about the voyage, did the animals first and turned them all in. When we got to chests and skulls the player that still wanted to turn everything was mocked by the PL and the near PL.


They refused to dig up the chests or help him carry them. They wouldn't pick up the skulls. They kept saying "We don't need it so I don't care"

He was swimming back to the ship with a marauders chest and they sailed away, mocking him for it. When they got to the outpost they crashed into it and told him to try and sell it all before the ship sank.

And throughout the whole voyage, they talked about how awesome the alliance system was. And how much fun they were having fu*king over all the new players/kids/inexperienced people.

It's such a shame to see this. Especially when you're asking other players to help you but you aren't willing to help them.

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