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Best Pirate Experience Yet

Sea of Thieves 1 - Best Pirate Experience Yet

On mobile, sorry for format. Long post simply cause this was so awesome. This is also my first reddit post so I apologize if anything isn’t correct.

Since Atlas got delayed, me and two friends hopped on to sail since we had nothing to do. We had been playing off and on, nothing special. We saw a galleon in the distance, and since we had tons of supplies and a couple explosive barrels, we went for it. They destroyed us immediately, but were unable to sink us.

We kept toying with them, staying in range and just sort of having ranged combat. They’d shoot themselves, board, kill us or try to, or hit the anchor. They could never sink us though.

We turned to “run” dropping barrels and blowing holes throughout the ship. Eventually, the water turned black and I seriously thought it was over.

But he kraken got them instead. We rolled up, outside the black water, shot two crew mates and unloaded cannon balls into the ship. They sunk, and we murdered the entire crew in the water.


We waited for till the kraken fled, grabbed all the loot (some mermaid gems, some chests, tons of gunpowder) and by the time we got back they had returned.

We ran, and they continued to chase. The loot these guys had wasn’t impressive, but they wanted revenge. Mind you, this was an entire group with event sails and outfits. These guys played a lot, or at least a lot more than us.

Eventually, we had the idea to let the rowboat loose while rounding a outpost and sell it all while one person led them away.

It worked. Then we scuttled, played sad music for them as they rounded and saw we had none of the loot they had, and they didn’t even get the satisfaction of sinking us.

TLDR: Attacked and toyed with a galleon, killed it and crew with krakens help, and duped the crew while we sold all the stuff.

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