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Best use for rowboat?

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This is a long one, but I didn't want to skimp on the details

TLDR: rowboats are a saboteurs best friend.

Since the new update I've been able to join some huge alliances in the forsaken shores, so me and my buddy sailed to the east in search of some new friends. We saw a galleon and sailed over in our little sloop to announce we were friendly and asked if they wanted to join an alliance. They replied with a cannonball.

The game isn't PVE only and that's their choice. However they only have themselves to blame for what happened after.

Due to the island they sailed to spewing lava and hot rocks we decided to back off. As we did my friend saw a rowboat and we hatched a plan. I loaded the rowboat with kegs and began rowing. However as I rowed the being raised anchor and began to sail away.

Instead of recalling I carried on and followed them from Ashen Reaches all the way to Ruby Fallls. My friend followed at a distance and moored up on the west side of Morrows Peak to keep watch.


I came up behind them and docked my boat to them. All the crew was still on the ship but I managed to sneak a keg to the lower desk bow. I lit the fuse and made it make to the captain's cabin before it blew. I returned with my final keg, but one saw me as I got to the stairs and I blew up prematurely.

Now although I died, the ship sank and they were unable to respawn to retrieve the loot. Once I began the attack my friend began sailing over and was able to spot the rowboat surrounded by loot and kegs.

If I had hidden the 1st keg and sparked the chain reaction with the second I would have lived, but I didn't. However this rowboat revenge tactic seems to work surprisingly well. Be honest: would you have expected anyone to row to your ship if you couldn't see another ship?

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