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Beware the Ninja Rowboat

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Before I start the story, I streamed most of this on Mixer but accidentally didn't turn on the option to record it. I was hoping to be able to post a video with this story.

I was with my normal Galleon crew at Fetcher's Rest when we spotted a Galleon in the distance (somewhere near Liar's Backbone). They didn't want to pursue, so I told them I was going to take the rowboat and would only return once I found some worthy booty. My crew, amused by the idea of me rowing that far, agreed and I dropped in the water and started rowing.

Halfway to Krakens Fall / Liars Backbone I hit a major storm, but I endured through the harsh waves dreaming of the Castaways Chests and Foul Bounty Skulls that would soon be mine. After getting through the storm, I could no longer see the boat; they had eluded my sneak attack. But, I would not let this hold me back as I continued rowing south-west.

I arrived at Shark Tooth Key and stopped at the island to get a better vantage point on unsuspecting pirates. I saw none still afloat, but I did see a sunken ship. At last! Some treasure to make up for all this rowing!

Once I got to the sunken ship, there was only a Foul Bounty Skull on it. This was not going to be enough to impress my crew after all this time away. I needed to keep searching, so I continued rowing south-west.

As I passed through Barnacle Cay / Crooks Hollow, I finally spotted it. A lonely sloop down at Thieves Haven. I told my crew that the parrot has found the cracker. I quickly turned my stream on so they could watch the encounter as I rowed closer and closer.

I pulled up behind the sloop and docked myself to the back of their ship. I immediately went to sleep when I saw the crew on the deck. They ended up shooting up to the top of the island shortly after, which is when I struck. I came on board and stole their 2 Villainous Bounty Skulls! I grabbed them and quickly dropped my rowboat back in the water as I made my way for Plunder Outpost.


I got to the outpost safely and sold off the skulls. My crew laughed that I had sailed for over an hour for 2 Villainous and a Foul Bounty, but they were excited for some gold, nonetheless. I told them I'd catch a mermaid back and they told me that I should instead row back over to the sloop and see if they brought anything else aboard. I loved the idea, let's strike again while the grog is fresh.

I rowed back to Thieves Haven and pulled up to their boat again. This time they saw me as I approached and immediately sailed off. I waited a minute to let them get ahead and feel safe before I began pursuing again. It wasn't easy to catch up, and eventually I thought I had lost them. I was pulling up to Crooked Masts when I realized that I had completely lost sight of the sloop. I figured I would climb the island to verify that I couldn't see them anymore. That's when I realized it. They were here at Crooked Masts, and they were trying to leave but got stuck between the island and a rock.

I approached the back of the boat again, and docked onto it. That's when I saw it. A glowing Athena's Chest and 2 Legends standing next to it at the helm. I went to sleep again to come up with a plan. But one of them turned around and saw something was different. There was a rowboat attached to their ship that wasn't there a moment ago.

He slowly approached the rowboat, which is when I sprung up and struck him down. His crewmate panicked while trying to stop the ship from hitting the rock, and gave me a short window to grab the chest and jump overboard. I started swimming underwater as far away from the island as I could. Poking my head up for air every minute or so, and to check where the boat was. They kept sailing around the island, figuring I could not have gotten far without my rowboat. I kept swimming while my crew sailed towards my location until I reached a large rock about 2 squares away from Crooked Masts. My crew came, picked me up, and we sailed into the sunset with our long-awaited treasure.

tl;dr Rowed for 1.5-2 hours across (probably) the twice the distance of map to rob the same sloop, second time taking their Athenas Chest

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