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Bilge Rat Adventures – Doubloon Changes

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Hey Everyone,

With our Cursed Crews Bilge Rats Adventure moving into its second week, I wanted to talk a little about a change we are making to how we deliver rewards for player actions after these events.

Bilge Rats Adventures have been a great addition to Sea of Thieves between our larger updates. Whether it was reaching the top of Marauders Arch during Skeleton Thrones, timing those perfect chain reaction gunpowder skeletons or working out exactly how many kegs it takes to destroy a Ruby statue – Duke’s challenges have brought some great stories to Sea of Thieves over the last few months.

We’ve also learnt a lot during these events and taken feedback from players onboard to help shape each adventure we deliver. After adding Legendary commendations into Gunpowder Skeletons as a way for players to have longer term goals both during and post the adventure, we’ve been reviewing the sentiment around how we are delivering rewards to players – specifically Doubloons. A common area of feedback around our adventures recently has been the time-limited nature of the rewards we make available and how players want more reasons to complete our commendations after the adventure finishes.


With the Cursed Crews Adventure we are making a change to continue to reward players with Doubloons if you complete commendations after the event has finished. This means that if you miss an Adventure you can still experience the content, unlock the commendations, earn the exclusive titles AND be awarded the Doubloons. Our Cosmetic Rewards will continue to be time-limited so you’ll need to play during the Adventure to unlock these exclusive items.

We are making this change next week, keeping all Cursed Crews Doubloon rewards obtainable once the adventure finishes, and this will be our approach for future Bilge Rat Adventures moving forward.

Thanks for all your feedback on our Bilge Rats Adventures so far, looking forward to getting some great new challenges into players hands and seeing the awesome stories that they create.

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