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BlackDogBill’s Tale of Perseverance & Revenge : aka That Fort Be Mine, ye Scurvy Dogs!

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TL;DR – I was at a Fort first with a Brig. Galleon shows up, sinks Brig and takes over the Fort. They clear it, but myself in a Sloop and another Sloop ally to sink them and claim the Fort Loot for ourselves. Newbie pirate is gobsmacked by the gold we earn by handing in. I earn bragging rights and feel More Pirate!

I spawn in at Galleon’s Grave and while I’m rustling through every barrel I can find for Cursed Cannonballs, I see that Shark Fin Fort has popped. Scanning the horizon I see a Brigantine making a bee-line towards the fort, with a Galleon and Sloop also around but seeming to be minding their own business. I decide to head off towards the Skelly Cloud to see if the Brig wants to team up – stopping along the way to grab some gunpowder kegs quick.

Anchoring off the active Fort, I shoot myself over and swim ashore. The Brig crew are friendly enough and agree to form an alliance. I attack some skeletons, die, and respawn back at my trusty sloop which I then bring closer to the fort and anchor up. Everything is going well as we start to clear a few waves together.

Next thing I know, I’m hearing the dreaded sound of cannons hitting boat hulls. I figured that maybe the Fort towers had become active again and were trying their luck… Nope. The Galleon I'd seen earlier (or maybe a new one) has dropped anchor right between the Brig and myself and is firing upon everyone. I barely manage to get away while the Brig and its crew sink beneath the waves. The Galleon now owns the fort.

I patch up and return to harass the Galleon, all the while the towers and the Gally are firing upon me. A Sloop approaches and also start taking shots at both me and the Galleon. I use my speaking trumpet to tell that we should team up; let’s try get the Galleon sunk together. Several passes later, we’ve all taken a massive amount of damage and I’m running out of planks. In trying to keg them on my last pass my Sloop had run aground on Marauder’s Arch by the time I respawned.

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Repairing up, I notice that the other Sloop is coming towards me and also firing on me again. I megaphone them and tell them we should team up, and the lone pirate appears to finally get the message. We meet to discuss strategy, and while we’re chatting, the skeleton cloud glows and disappears! The Fort has been cleared!


Time is now tight. Figuring that the Galleon crew would be loading up as soon as possible, I tell my new pirate partner to get going and let’s harass and try sink the Galleon as it flees towards the nearest outpost. As we near the Fort, the Gally is still anchored. My partner in crime gets there a little ahead of me and lights them up with some well placed cannon shots. I line up my sloop and head to the crow’s nest to collect and ready a gunpowder keg. Jumping down practically on top of the enemy, I release the keg and swim for the closest tower, thinking to cannonball them from there. A dull thump signals that my keg has gone off successfully. I climb the tower but – bad luck! – they’re too close for the cannons to hit.

Quickly, I snipe someone on the deck. I snipe a second bailing water. Noticing another keg right there in the tower, I jump with it and keg the Galleon again. Climbing aboard I kill their last member bailing water (must not have had a fourth crew mate or they were already killed). The Galleon sinks! We’ve done it!!!

I mermaid back to my sloop and return to see my pirate ally parked next to all the Fort loot floating in the shallows. A crump and the other Sloop rocks in the water. A surviving Galleon member has kegged them and died in the process. The sloop goes down but my pirate friend survives.

We load up as much as we could as quick as we could (getting all the important items) and head back to Galleon’s Grave Outpost (quite apt considering what has just transpired.) I make friends with my new mate and invite him to my crew and together we share in the spoils. The kid had only been playing 2 weeks and, judging by how flabbergasted he was with the gold earned from the Stronghold Chest & Skull, I don’t think he had ever come across them before.

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All in all a great time on the seas. Glad to have persevered – and won – the rights to the Fort, denying the other crew in the process. Though I think the Galleon crew were done in by their own shortcomings (a more competent crew would have killed us outright) I still felt like a BOSS having denied them the fruits of their labour. Even going so far to brag a little as they sailed past, after collecting up the dregs we’d left behind, shouting to…

… “Remember the time they almost got the better of BlackDogBill!”

*will post a video up of the final moments later today

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