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Bloodbath at ancient spire

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So there I Was…..

My second mate murdered and the "Cutty Shark" sinking in front of me, an alliance of 2 sloops and a galleon on the skull fort when I here the door of the fort open.

Thinking quickly I board one of the sloops noticing that he has the stronghold skull on board which I hide and change my redcoat into the same outfit as the sloops captain. I raise the anchor as I here him argue with the galleon crew asking who took my skull? and wave to the other sloop as I sail off towards ancient spire.

As I approach ancient spire I notice the other sloop is nearly there and the galleon has already arrived so I ram the sloop into the dock and jump over board with the skull, right passed the alliance of Friends and sell it. I then jump on board the other sloop and raise their anchor and slam them into the dock, taking one out with my blunderbluss, screaming "my galleon crew rules"

all hell breaks lose


I gun down the guy in front of me and steal the stronghold chest , now under heaving fire I dodge and weave and manage to sell it in front of one angry sloop member, who then gets killed by a member of the galleon crew.

I run back to the sloop , on the main deck a galleon member and sloop crew are fighting with swords in a epic duel, I shot them in the back of the head with my pistol and grab some spices and sell them.

Finally they catch up with me and I grab some tea (the last of the items I could see) I blunderbuss one of them and die as I realize I am out of ammo.

There were 5 other pirates on the ferry of the damned, I entertained them with a little dance as I informed them that there alliance hadn't betrayed them I had.

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