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Bragging about being a “Reddit Legend” on the seas makes you look like a tool

Desktop 06.11.2017 1024x576 - Bragging about being a "Reddit Legend" on the seas makes you look like a tool

I was sailing with a friend grinding some MA when we saw a sloop headed our way, had the typical sea dog sails so we were sure that he was going to engage us (which he did) and the entire time he was just making himself sound like a god

This loser just kept yelling into the mic "do you know who I am? Check fu*king Reddit kid!" and "You think you're going to steal from me? I'm a Reddit legend you c••t" etc etc acting cool and whatnot

At this point me and my buddy stopped caring about cashing in our haul (all we had was 2 gold snakes and a gold chicken for a mission) and our main goal was to sink this annoying being who wouldn't shut tf up about his Reddit presence

10-15 mins pass where we return occasional cannon fire and try and board one another and he keeps talking about being a "Reddit legend" and how good he is etc etc, and at this point we're just annoyed with his existence so we decide to do the infamous "TNT tactic"

Now he was following behind us taking sniper shots at us the entire time, so I grabbed TNT and jumped off the front of our boat (so he wouldn't see me underwater) I climbed his ladder and rushed in front of him with the TNT and typically enough he took a shot at it. Killing both himself, me, and sinking his ship.


Here we are on the ferry of the damned and he tells me that I'm going to get banned for hacking and griefing etc etc and all I replied was "Thanks for the loot", and then after confirming his ship was sunk we grabbed his loot 2 captains chests, 2 villainous skulls, 1 crate of spices and 1 crate of cannonballs – roughly 6-7k 😀 cashed in our haul and swapped servers, and he PM'ed both of us once we left 2-3 times whining about us being cheaters and threatening to get us banned if we didn't return his loot.

I replied: *"Sorry! Already sold it :)" * and blocked him.


I really hope he sees this post

TL;DR: If you're gonna brag about being a good pirate or a big deal, you better not blame hacks or act like a crybaby when you get outplayed

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