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Brains over Brawn

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Solo slooping last night. Had a GH map with 3 X's. A Seafarer's Chest, a Captain's Chest, and a Chest of 1000 Grogs. Not a bad haul. So I head to Ancient Spire Outpost to sell them. Everything looks good, but as I start to round the island, I see the front of a Galleon. Drop anchor, hard turn, raise anchor and sail to the opposite side of the island. Grab my Cap chest and Grog chest and hide them on a small rock sticking out above the water. Go back to boat, point it north, raise anchor, grab the seafarer and jump overboard. Plan was to have them chase my empty ship so I can sell my chests. They didn't bite. I can hear them on mic "I see his mermaid, he's still on the island, he might be on our ship". I'm behind some barrels around the corner from them "sleeping" so they can't see me. I hear someone say "he might have hidden some treasure on the island and is waiting for us to leave". Crap. I didn't want them looking for my stuff so I grab my seafarer and make a run for it. I see the GH tent and then I hear them say "I SEE HIM!" They run towards me when one of them says "All he has is a seafarer." I sell it, and they all run up to me. I wave. "He sold it. He seems friendly, he's not trying anything." Break out the instruments and we all start playing music. New friends I think. BLAM, blunderbuss to the back. I die amid sounds of them laughing.


Respawn at Galleon's Grave Outpost in my sloop, immediately sail back to Ancient Spire worried they found my chests. The galleon is still there. Solo sloop vs 4-man galleon, odds weren't favoring me in a fight. So, I head to Barnacle Cay which is in visual range of Ancient Spire Outpost. As I get close, they see me and lower sails and come after me. I drop anchor and raise sails at Barnacle Cay and jump onto the island trying to make it look like I had a voyage there. They are still coming. I make a break and start swimming towards Ancient Spire Outpost. About halfway, I look back and they are parked now at Barnacle Cay next to my boat. Many minutes and 2 sharks later, I arrive at Ancient Spire Outpost. My chests are still there. Yay! I sell them, chug my flagon of grog, wave in their general direction (they were still at Baranacle Cay) and then log off for the night. Solo sloop got the better of a 4-man galleon without firing a shot (except at the sharks). Good times.

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