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Bug Report-Game and Server Latency Impacts Player Experience

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - Bug Report-Game and Server Latency Impacts Player Experience

ISP service provider has been contacted and nothing was found wrong.

Performance issues are inconsistent from my experience of playing this game since closed beta sessions. From the discussions on other forums it was stated that it is possible that it is a redraw related issue:

"Many of the redraw issues are poor connection feeds especially when the two players are far from one another. Different pieces of data are missing between the two and there could be data issues on the server instance. " Statement taken from another post related to this issue on the Sea of thieves reddit page.

These issue have been more noticed when player does play the game with other players in a crew that is not locally at the same location or have same specs and internet connection.

Below are some issues experienced both myself and my other Xbox Live friends playing the same game.

* The player character becomes a Skeleton and is nothing but bones when either returning from the Ferry of the Dam as well when Spawning in the Ferry Of The Dam

​* Players face many spikes to their pings where it will go from being 50ms to 100 to 300ms intermittently. After speaking with other players on the same server they also confirm same issues and challenges. They explain that only thing they know is to jump servers till they find one that has no issues

* While playing game player randomly gets Almond Bearded- No lost to internet or any of signs of a local network issue. The game itself give almond beard message. Players that are local in the same network are playing with the player that got almond bearded and they were not kicked or face same message from game.

* Ships and barrels and chest start floating towards the sky when there is major performance lag in the game. At which time you see FPS drop from normal 60 to 30 Frames per second. Also the Ping rate spikes to 140ms to 200ms before returning normal around 40ms. This such experience can last upwards of 10 to 15 seconds. After which the ships and barrels chest return to normal working as designed

* Resource Barrel Supplies either on islands and or sometimes on ship are not able to be used or picked up even though player has room in their slots to add more resources.

This not a constant issue but has occurred multiple times

​* Cannons on ships misfiring the cannons- Load the cannon with a cannonball and nothing but the cannon firing graphic appears but no cannonball leaves the cannon itself.

Recently have noticed this has occurred mainly during battle with other ships. But doesn't happen enough that it might be able to take time to fix.


* Player character appears to lean while standingwalkingrunning after many hours of playing this effect has occurred. Other players also see your character leaning.

No knowledge on what could be causing this

* Player character spawns into a game session with other players through match making and when they arrive onto the boat they are in the BRIG. The player that spawned to the ship with the other players and is now in the BRIG is force to serve a sentience before it will allow anyone on the crew to release them. This occurs for all types of ships.

* Voyage related skeletons sometimes seem to appear in the caves of some of the islands but have no knowledge of how to exit the cave or any desire while in the cave to leave it and seek out and kill the player.

* Voyage related Skeletons never spawn but only player hears the drums playing as if they might show up at any moment. But never do.

There are even times when you hear the drums as if you are suppose to be doing a Order Of Souls voyage but you currently are not holding any Order Of Souls voyages

* Players character falls through the ship into the ocean while repairing boat even when the boat is not deemed sunk or no longer repairable

* Players character when climbing ladders appears to not properly climb the ladder but slide up the railing of the ladder

* Players character fingers randomly deform making a awkward appearance to the eyes of other players that are part of your crew.

Computer specs and Internet Specs

Internet Speeds: 300 Mbps Down and 20 Mbps upload Latency 8ms

Issues are experienced both on wired and wireless connections as well as on other friends networks. Issues also experience even directly connected to the modem.

I7 Processor

1Gbps network connection


I7 Processor

Wireless Mode AC 1300 Mbps Network connection


P.S -Really wish there was a way to capture any logs that might be able to explain the performance and Server latency struggles.

Edit: Have also met many other pirates in game that have confirmed that they have had to jump a few servers just to find one with no issues.

These issues could be related to Game or Game Servers or even Xbox Live services. Can't edit the title

Has anyone else faced these issues?

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