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Can we talk about the Kraken?

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TL;DR at bottom.

So, let me preface this with a disclaimer: I love this damn game. The artwork, the design, almost everything about it, I love it. I was one of the minority at launch who overlooked the lack of content, because of the excellence of everything else. And I truly think and hope this game will grow into something unique and special for everyone, as it has for me.

All of this being said, the one consistent issue I have had with this game is the special event of the Kraken. I really appreciate that this event is in the world, and the first time it turned the water black I yelled into Discord and my mouth dropped as the Kraken made it's appearance. Fighting it for the first time was one of the most exilarating experiences I've had in all my days of gaming, and I want to thank Rare for doing such a great job.

In stark contrast to my first encounter with the Kraken, my fellow pirates and I have decided that it is the correct course of action to disconnect from the server, should the Kraken set upon us. If we have a ship full of loot, we will fight through it, but barring that reason, we will abandon it. There are many reasons for this, but the two largest ones are simple. The first is that there is no reward. In a game where the main objective is to accumulate enough gold to buy awesome cosmetics, the lack of any reward from the Kraken means it is, essentially, time wasted. A voyage or two could generally be completed in the time it takes to fight off the Kraken, which makes the incentive to fight very small. The second reason is in game design, in that fighting the Kraken only diminishes the ship's supplies. If one were to fight another pirate crew after fighting off the Kraken, the survivors of the Kraken fight would be at a disadvantage. This also makes the incentive for fighting the Kraken very small.

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Now, I'd like to discuss a few options to remedy this problem. Like I said, I'm a massive fan of this game, due to it's art and excellence in design, and I think that is where the Kraken experience can be improved. This rare and devastating event should yield an equally rare and beneficial reward. This is where the design team can really be flexible. A few options could be a huge Kraken skull, or a large amount of Foul skulls(possibly from the Kraken's previous victims). Another possibility could be a Kraken tentacle that stays attached to the ship, to indicate to other pirates that the surviving crew is not to be trifled with. There is so much room here for design, and the lack of it is one of the glaring issues in this game. The other issue of ships being drained of supplies can be fixed by adding barrels of supplies which float to the surface after defeating the last Kraken tentacle. This would seem to me to be the easiest/most logical way to solve this issue, but I'm sure there are better thematic solutions.

TL;DR: The Kraken is awesome. The lack of reward for fighting the Kraken is not awesome. Make the Kraken worthwhile by adding in a reward or resupply so pirate crews have a reason to fight.

Thanks for reading, and I would love some feedback about what the community thinks of this. I know it is probably a constant complaint, but I think if everyone pools their suggestions, we might be able to aid the development and design of this great game!

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