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Changes to Cursed Sails IRL Battle Times

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Hey Everyone,

Wanted to spin a new thread here given the discussions on the IRL Time-Locked nature of our Cursed Sails Campaign. Thanks to u/Bambambm for kicking this thread off here, you can see my earlier response here: Link

We've discussed as a team and have gone through the various suggestions and solutions provided, assessing what we can do here to improve the experience for as many players as possible.

As i talked to earlier, given the time window between builds we are not able to making any sweeping changes like the suggestions around repeating the battles more frequently for example – as this has knock in impacts on the Outpost Banners, Localisation and potential for further player confusion given the size of the changes.

However, with our goal of giving more opportunities for players to progress in the campaign, to encounter a variety of ship crew encounters in the different regions and ultimately aspire to unlock the Bone Crusher Ship cosmetics we have made some changes.

  • For Week2's set of battles we are offsetting the IRL time these will be available. This effectively means that for Week2's encounters you will be tackling a different crew in a different sea region. The battle will still be available for the same Game and IRL length of time and the Outpost Banners/Pocket Watch will still point you to the right place.
  • We will then do the same offset for Week3's set of battles so that players who have a fixed play time slot will organically encounter the 3 regions battles over the course of the campaign.
  • We know this doesn't solve all of the feedback around the time locked nature of the campaign, however will maximise the ability for players to engage with different battles and crews and acquire the awesome rewards over the course of the campaign.

We hear your feedback here on the IRL time-locked nature of this event and will be reviewing this carefully and learning for how we schedule upcoming campaigns & adventures. I'm confident we can improve on this for our future campaigns.

Thanks for being patient as we assessed our options here, looking forward to see how you all tackle the new crews coming next week!

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