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Chest Values for 1000 Grogs and Sorrows seriously need to be checked up on and fixed.

thumb 1920 718808 1024x576 - Chest Values for 1000 Grogs and Sorrows seriously need to be checked up on and fixed.

After ~30 Levels of the Gold Hoarder Faction…..

Last night I struck my shovel into the sand, and in turn saw a unfamiliar sight. Some sort of bluish chest with some sort of red on top? Oh wait…. the Chest of Sorrows! I ecstatically dig up this rare find, as it was the first time I had ever even set my eyes upon it in in my own game! I hurriedly brought the chest onto my solo sloop, forgetting about the 4 other chest spots on the tiny islands, and I sailed straight towards an outpost. I wasn't losing this chest after getting it for the first time ever! I park at the outpost, grab the chest, jump off the boat, and walk over to the gold hoarders tent.

My Duo Sloop buddy wasn't online at the time, and we always joked about how we were never going to get a Sorrows until the day we hit Pirate Legend. So, I start recording proof of me getting the chest, I click F to sell my chest, I get a decent bit of Gold Hoarder XP From it, but….

916 Gold.


A Chest I've only got after multiple hundreds of chests before it. 916 Gold. This sort of same thing happened when me and my buddy found a 1000 Grogs Chest when we first started playing the game.

So here I am, with 1 Grog Chest, and 1 Sorrow Chest after 30 Levels of the Gold Hoarders, Plenty of Messages in a Bottle, and Random Shore Chests, and I get less for it than I would usually get for a Captains Chest. Wow. Matter of Fact, I returned to the island to dig up the rest of my treasure. 2 Captains, 2 other various chests. I got more for each individual Captains Chest than the Chest of Sorrows. Pathetic.

Rare, I advise you to increase the absolute minimum price of the Grog Chest and Sorrow Chest to ATLEAST around 1,500 Gold Coin or more. Getting these mystical chests after hours upon hours of dedicated grinding and love for the game, just to get mocked with a 900 coin reward is just discouraging and disappointing. Either Increase the odds of a Grog & Sorrow Chest, or keep the odds and increase the price.

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