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Christmas Bilge Rat Adventure idea : Add fleeing skeletons that spawn with loot!

Sea of Thieves 10 - Christmas Bilge Rat Adventure idea : Add fleeing skeletons that spawn with loot!

I figure lots of games interpret Christmas with being generous to its players, especially when doing a literal Christmas event would be trickier. On top of that, when I conceptually design things I try to keep it to things that would be cheap to develop, if there even is a need to produce something new.

So yesterday I came up with the idea of what would basically work as reverse gunpowder skeletons. They would have the same spawn animation as them, butu would instead pop up a GH chest, a MA/supply crate, or if we're slightly indulging ourselves a OoS skull (since skulls are not nearly as wide as the other items, it'd need a separate spawn and run animation).

As for their behavior once spawned, of course it wouldn't make much sense for them to frantically trying to kamikaze next to players, so instead they would run away, using the behavior that'S already coded in for regular skeletons (except they wouldn't stop and walk back towards players, they could even despawn if left alone too long). For their anim, I imagine the current "I'm about to blow myself up" animation + sfx could fit, otherwise that would be the one thing needed to produce from scratch.

For commendations, I imagine you could task players with turning items looted from these skeletons, including ashen items which may or may not be exclusive to Devil's Roar. If the spawn rate is high enough, you could add a commendation to blow up 2+ loot skeletons at once. Or one where you herd them for some amount of time or to a skeleton throne/brazier or something. We could even have a silly one where the tables are turned and we're the ones that need to kamikaze on them.


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