Sea of Thieves

Christmas Cosmetic Collaberation

Sea of Thieves 8 - Christmas Cosmetic Collaberation

Christmas Cosmetic Ideas:

Frosty Ship Set:

  • Sails – Frozen blue sails. Snowflake symbol
  • Hull – Frozen ship with icicles and fallen snow on the rails
  • Figurehead – Snow pirate with icicles

Santa's Ship Set:

  • Sails – Red and green sails. Present symbol
  • Hull – Resembles a sleigh. Has Christmas lights around rails. Wrapping paper design?
  • Figurehead – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer with a glowing red nose!
  • Extras – Candy cane cannons, wheel, and capstan.

Santa's Clothing Set:

  • A clothing set that resembles Santa Claus. It would look great on fat characters!
  • Clothes – Red Santa hat and Jacket with white fur trimmings. Black pants, boots, and gloves.
  • Extras – Candy cane peg leg and hook! Black belt with large golden buckle. Big white beard!!!

Elf Clothing Set:

  • Green clothing set that resembles an elf, duh!
  • Clothes – Green elf clothes. Gold buttons and trimmings.
  • Extras – A pointy elf hat and maybe some wild striped pants to go with it!

Christmas Weapons:

  • Melee – Candy cane sword? Frozen sword? Sword with Christmas lights?
  • Firearms – Guns with fallen snow on top? Wrapping paper? Christmas lights and tinsel?

Re-skinned Voyages:

  • Gold Hoarders – Reskin the chests to presents?
  • Order of Souls – Put Santa hats on the skeletons.
  • Merchant Alliance – Delivering presents would be so much better than regular cargo.

Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below … I might add them if they are good enough

Come on Rare! Delivering presents on a Santa's sleigh themed ship would be awesome! I have a fat character and he would look too perfect with Santa clothes.

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